• It was kind of debatable

    I put no because no doesn't mean bad it just wasn't good. It was good Jan-May, it got Meh in the summer and it got bad September to the end. I don't believe every year is better than the last because something could go wrong. Take 2017 for example. It started Good then really went bad starting in May.

  • It was a fresh start since the 2012 controversy

    Remember when people thought december 21st 2012 was the end of the world because the Mayan calendar ended on that date. Well it was proven wrong just like the other end of the world prophecies. So 2013 was the year when people finally stopped believing in nonsense and start fresh, free of fear. Also other than that, 2013 felt like it ended rapidly and I felt like my life had changed very much in this year, so personally I benefited from this year and I am especially grateful for it. Plus there were lots of well directed and almost phenomenal movies like Gravity. To me, it was a good year and I'm looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me this year. :)

  • You just learn to be better every passing day.

    Yes it is true. Every passing day is a learning lesson for all of us. When we experience. . We learn, we learn we implement, anyway, we become a better person than we were yesterday! Things go wrong, but that does not define a day as good or bad. It totally depends on our perspective.

  • Every new year is better than the last

    Every year we progress. This year: new (better) pope, more legalization of civil rights all around, divorce and unintended pregnancy is at an all time low, infant mortality is at an all time low, poverty is also at an all time low, obamacare is working, and one direction made a movie. So yeah, for those reasons and many more 2013 has been awesome

  • Haters ruin thing.

    2013 wasn't a good year , because the law always has to ruins someone good time. Someone having a party and someone doesn't like calls 911 saying " ummm these people are having a party and im not liking the sound of it " . Then that were it starts police come see a party shut it down because someone hating because they not at the party. But to be real its not just parties its anything someone hating on something they going to ruin it for the rest. People just cant handle the fact that just because your not having a good time don't ruin someone else's.

  • No it was not a good year because there is not only one but many reasons .

    2013 was a bad year as our Indian economy got down price rise lot of corruptions . I would like to say poor are getting more poor and richer more richer . Many small children's in India are illiterate and are also not healthy . I hope in 2014 things change .

  • Compared to the last few years, not especially.

    While poverty and crime rates continue to decline (in most places), this year has not been good for the world. With disputes over the pacific islands, Snowden, and Syria, relations have deteriorated in many places in the world, especially between the West and eastern countries like Russia, China, and North Korea.
    Meanwhile, diplomatic detriment has been exasperbated in the middle east in Egypt, Israel and Palestine, and Saudi Arabia. While a deal was reached with Iran, even the brokers are not convinced of its likely success, and the negotiations have stretched relations between Israel and Iran and Israel and the US. The situation in Syria also continues to decline, as the conflict threatens to spread into neighboring Lebanon and Iraq. Iraq and Afghanistan have both suffered an infrastructural collapse with the abandonment of US support in the region.
    Government abuse has been the order of the year, with the NSA programs being exposed, the IRS targeting enemies of president Obama, and reporters being arrested or surveilled for their investigative reporting. While the revealing of the Prism Program could be a positive thing, there is no sign that any progress has been made in the prevention or limitations of the overreaches. This dispute has also stretched ties between America and Europe and Russia.

    Every year marks many new things, but this year's "progress" hints at a more Orwellian future than a Rockwellian one. Not a terrible year, but one I definitely think I, and I suspect Obama, wish we could have back.

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