• It's a Conspiracy by US government.

    Firstly, before the plane hit the towers, there were already explosions heard, and then after the plane crashed it, there were molten metals found in the debris. That's right folks, Molten metals. Think about it.... Molten metals need 1000 degrees Celsius to achieve, but petroleum only can burn at most 300++ degrees Celsius.. Isn't it supicious??? And one more thing. Tower 7... I also collapsed. It wasnt hit by a plane or anything... But it collapsed.

    Second: think about how the tower collapsed... It suppose to collapse from an angle instead o straight down. If it collapsed straight down... U can ask any engineers that design buildings, they would say that the building's structure would have to be weakened, before it can collapse straight down. Suspicious, eh?

    Third: the pentagon, it was hit. Yes, but no metal parts found. And on that day when it was hit, the security footage of the vicinity was confiscated and then replaced. Why the hassle??

    There is alot more suspicious points i have yet to mention, go to this website http://www.Zeitgeistmovie.Com/
    for more information. THis is the movie :moving forward.

  • 9/11 was most definitely a conspiracy.

    All the evidence is there. Even basic logic tells us that 9/11 was a conspiracy. One person simply cannot seize and fly four planes at once... Never mind crash four seperate time, live, magically appear on the next plane and do it all over again three more times. This heinous act most certainly took more than one person to commit. So in summation, YES! Without a doubt in my mind, 9/11 was a conspiracy. Anyone who says otherwise is a nincompoop.

  • Yes a Conspiracy

    9-11 was most definitely a conspiracy to take down the world trade center in New York City, NY. The attack resulted a long war on terror which has claimed many lives and cost billions of dollars. The US government however was not a conspirator in the conspiracy. 9-11 was most definitely a conspiracy...

    ...By Osama Bin Laden and the rest of Al-Qaeda.

  • To justify american occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and to strengthen american hegemony in the middle east

    To be fair the whole theory set up by american think tanks fail to justify the attack morally and technically that it was not a pre planned initiative of the US . The biggest evidence supporting it being a set up attack by US is that the so called al qaeda hijackers pierced the shield of american defence and carried out the attacks so well that even a child will wonder how come al qaeda got the best of american defence. Given the technical evidences the collapse of the tower was similar to one carried out by builders by bombing it

  • So much scientific evidence

    The 'Blueprint for 9/11 Truth' presentation is so compelling. The detailed evidence by the professionals was too hard for me to turn away from. The collapse of the towers fits all the criteria for a controlled demolition. The Thermite (military explosive) was found in 4 places amongst the dust. The lack of plane wreckage (if any at all) at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. The lack of destruction at the Pentagon - such a small hole. The lack of video footage at the pentagon - just 5 frames with no plane. The number of eye whiteness reports of explosions at the WTC. The collapse of building 7, not hit by a plane. The amount of heavy steel debris that was ejected from the twin towers into other buildings - not possible with vertical gravitational collapse. The BBC cover-up after announcing the building 7 had collapsed 20 Min's before it actually did. CNN using propaganda techniques to fuel the public hatred for Arabs. Vital CNN and FOX footage that was removed after only one live viewing. The official NIST report - they denied finding explosives, but when asked why they said they didn't look. NIST report failed to produce any information on building 7 at all! The amount of molten metal that remained at the scene, up to 3 months after 9/11 - the effect of the thermite reaching such high temperatures. The high numbers of eye whiteness's who heard explosions. The list is ENDLESS - the behaviour of Bush and his colleagues who failed to answer any direct questions and brushed all concerns aside. Where were the fighter jets? Why did Bush lie about seeing the first plane crash, even though he was filmed in a class and only then informed of a second plane crash. Why did he remain in the class? The events of 9/11 were timed to psychologically make people feel desperate - crash, gasp, another crash, gasp, another plane, gasp, another location, gas, collapses etc that would reinforce the sense of a 'never ending' chain of events - the buildings collapsed to make people feel destroyed, rather than left to stand, which would have made people feel stronger 'standing tall and resilient'. The whole thing was designed to get the people where they were needed - ready for war, without thought.

  • The truth and falsehood are not alike.

    Definitely, 9/11 was a conspiracy. Want to know what the biggest conspiracy was?

    That an old man along with his students, living in a cave on the other side of the planet, planned one of the most deadliest attacks in America's history, and carried it out so successfully on the most protected airspace on the globe.

    That is the 'Official Conspiracy' that have gotten into gullible American folks that sit around and watch TV (the media) all day.

    You can clearly see with your own research, that out of all the supposed hijackers that were put up after the 9/11 attacks, 9 of them were found alive and many were completely unaware of what New York even was...These 9 people were completely innocent, but the media diverted the public's attention to some other place, that is how they run their business.

    I recommend a series of videos for people reading this, your mind will be 'blown'.

    YouTube > Illuminati and Dajjal part 4.

    Parts 4-14 discuss 9/11, the other parts discuss other things regarding the lies you all have been told and how these 'people' deceive the world by simple tools of communication.

    Bottom line is, if a news reporter says trees are in reality, purple, there are going to be a lot of dumb folks living around the country that are going to accept it, because 'that is what the TV said."

    Osama has never even admitted to the attacks, if so, find me the proof! As a matter of fact, he completely denied it! Want to know what else is funny? That the US couldn't even find Osama after 10 years living in the middle/south east!

    And with 100s of thousands of US soldiers having being killed in a time span of 10 years...And for what?

    9/11 was one of the biggest scapegoats of history, and this hasn't been the only planned event, there were many others in history. As they all say, history repeats itself.

    If anybody saw the first season of 'Prison Break', they would know how the media works, how they will do everything they can to cover up the traces, and create a blame on something else, and they'll make sure they get away with it.

    The media, the government, these secret societies, all play a part in what happened on that terrible day.

  • There is no way the towers could have collapsed like that

    Jet fuel cannot melt steel and steel clearly melted, Many say that the fire just weakened the steel which, Though true, Doesn't seem plausible, You mean to tell me that all the main supports beams weakened at the same rate and collapsed at the same time? I don't think so, Plus the dust puffs seem like a demolition, And the owner was supposed to be in the building, But he wasn't (claiming he had a doctors appointment which was a lie) and his kids were "stuck in traffic".

  • Blaming lack of air defense on war games "confusion" is nonsense.

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that has ever worked in an emergency response command and control center knows how to immediately shift from drill events to real-life emergency response in an INSTANT. All you need to broadcast is "No Duff" before and after the message.
    Do you really think the US Military machine is so poorly organized that they would allow their defenses be down for ONE second if a real-life emergency occurred during a practice scenario?
    It is true that 99.9% of civilians just don't understand that the PARAMOUNT priority in the planning of any drill, game or simulation is the ABSOLUTE capacity to INSTANTLY revert to real-life response in an emergency. All it takes is "No Duff" and it's done.
    The whole notion that Rumsfeld and NORAD were AWOL on the morning of 9/11 is totally implausible nonsense as well.
    But when 99.9% of civilians don't know any better, I guess it really is easy to make them think that confusion and war games allowed US Airspace to be invaded by 19 box-cutter wielding Cessna pilots.
    Yeah Right...It's just bullshit.

  • Was deffo am inside job

    The twom towers was costing the government way too much money -billions in fact and they weren't allowed to knock it down because of the amount of asbestos inside the buildings. Therefore they decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and make out alqueida was the cause, allowing them to start war in certain countries which woild ultimately give them power of land and assets that these countries have. The most powerful richest people do not care about the loves of others ..For the people who question why would the government go this far. THEY DON'T CARE . Bush and all the rest of them soley care about wealth and power. To believe this was real is ignorant. Do some research about how the towers collapsed for one . It was organised demolition as ANY engineer will tell you from watching the video

  • 9/11 Is legit IF...

    19 guys used box cutters to over power all staff and passengers before flying them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon (good piloting to say they weren't professionals- not to mention the convenience of no photography whatsoever) in order to obey the commands of a rich man who lived in a cave.

    Scientists and archaeologists alike have concluded that the official story of 9/11 was physically impossible. Unless you're equally an expert, shut the hell up.

  • 9/11 not fake!!

    Why in the world would the government want to kill so many of their own people? Why would they want to plan something to make an excuse to have a war with Afghanistan that would cost so much money? People that say it was a fake are stupid and are full of shit. There were so many people that saw it unfold, and now there are people that are saying the ones that saw everything are liars. Doesn't make sense to me. How about we forget about what actually happened and pay respect to those who died. Do people not have feelings for them? Over 2700 people lost there lives that day, and all you people that want to say it never happened can go die and burn in a hole for all i care.

  • Absolutely NOT a conspiracy

    9/11 was carried out by terrorists. End of story. George Bush had absolutely no hand in it. Want proof? Every time the so-called "Truthers" make an argument, it is quickly put to rest by experts. Then, out of he blue, the discover new "evidence" that "proves" their point. Then the experts defeat heir new argument. The , the again discover new evidence. The cycle continues. Quite frankly, it disgusts me that people accuse George Bush of ordering 9/11 simply be because they disagreed with his reactions. This needs to stop.

  • Not a conspiracy

    To be honest, I love conspiracies. But this one makes me sick. Although I do believe the US government does some shady things, I don't believe they would ever go this far. I remember reading a story talking about the conspirators, that said that every argument the conspirators point out, get shot down by professionals, then the conspirators make up another argument only to get shot down again. It is ridiculous, just let the victims rest in peace, stop trying to make such a big deal out of it. Even if the US government truly did do it, is it that big of a deal? It's over now, it already happened. The US didn't conquer any nations, didn't take any oil from the region, and the war is slowly winding down. Without and positives coming out of it for the US.

  • Why create issues with your own country

    Saying 9/11 was an inside job is very disrespectful to the president we had “Bush”. Bush didn’t really help with taking down Al Queda. Obama was the president who overcame Al Queda. Why would the government make themselves pay billions of dollars to make a new building in honor of the event.

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