• How can Americans be so stupid

    Buildings dont fail from jet fuel. There were bombs in the basement. Thermite was found..Military grade..No investigation of the structure..All the steel quickly loaded on ships and sent to China. No test of explosive residue..People wake up...Building7 fell at 530 no stuctural damage.. No Jewish people died in 911. They were all told to stay home...Its so obvious and in your face...But we can believe our government would kill 3000 Americans on purpose to promote their agenda in the middle east..We are so dumbed down by the media, our food, air and water..Sports, fashion music and false flag after false flag..You cant remember, 911, Sandy hook, Boston marathon, its amazing that we are so brainwashed by the television..Can't even try to think things through with your own mind..We are nothing but wasters and breeders to the new world order..We are lime cockroaches to them and they have no problem killing any of us...Wake up!!!!!!!

  • Basic laws of physics.

    Unless Conservation of Energy can hide once an a while, 9/11 was a magic trick. Uncontrolled jet fuel (kerosene) burn does not get hot enough to weaken entire building, never mind a couple of floors. This Uncontrolled event could not result in such systematic damage to steel framed buildings, (three of them).

  • Physics violations prove 9/11 a hoax

    The official story of 9/11 violates basic laws of physics and is therefore proven to be a massive psychopathic hoax. The official story of the Twin Tower collapses is that the falling upper blocks crushed the lower buildings. But the falling upper blocks did not decelerate when "hitting" the lower building. Thus no jolt, no transfer of momentum, a serious violation of the law of conservation of momentum. Middle school physics proves 9/11 was indeed a hoax.

  • Without a doubt

    You don't need a PhD to see that 9/11 was impossible and had to have been extensively planned. Buildings don't just go MEH and fall over in perfect sequence. Thousands of people knew 9/11 was going to happen, and many people positioned themselves to profit from it. The Bush family, Israel, Saudi Arabia, dozens of NYC real estate moguls, judges, financial companies. And they basically sent everyone they wanted to shut up INTO those towers on that day. Larry Silverstein ate breakfast EVERY day there - but strangely he stayed home on 9/11. And then he admitted that he gave the order to demolish Building 7 with explosives. It was a massive financial scam involving commodities and run by the highest level people in the world. Netanyahu is said to have masterminded the event, which makes sense since Israel then went on to wage two wars against Muslims literally USING the United States. And of course Osama Bin Laden was a nobody. Most of the 'hijackers' were CIA assets. It was an enormous hoax, but one in which many people lost their lives. The elites obviously don't care about a few thousand Americans. They have more important agendas of fear, war and getting rich.

  • 9/11 was indeed a tragedy

    This is ridiculous. Everything adds up, and it is true the twin towers fell that day. So people, have a little respect for our nation here, and the thousands of lives that where lost. You can ask the hundreds of people watching, when the towers where first hit. There's no denying it. Get with the truth, people.

  • How could it have been

    The idea that there were controlled explosives in the twin towers and the trade center is insane, there isn't and visual distinction between an airplane that exploded and a controlled explosives damage to a building aside from plane debris that were found at the sites, and where is the use our government would get from blowing up the twin towers and the trade center?

  • There is no way 9/11 was a hoax

    I know there is much debate about whether or not 9/11 was a hoax, but I feel the idea alone is absurd. As a New yorker, 9/11 was a very serious event that could not be prevented, no matter how much security we had. Terrorists would of slipped through regardless, as soon as we let our guard down for a minute.

  • NO

    It was real. I saw the towers before when they were there, and I see the hole now where there are no towers. 9/11 definitely happened. Now, whether or not it was a conspiracy, that is another question, but I don't think we will ever have a definitive answer to it .

  • Terrorists Attacked, But Could Have Been Prevented

    The horrible terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, weren't a hoax. They happened. However, they were easily preventable. George W. Bush and his warmongers had intelligence two months beforehand that Osama bin Laden was planning an attack on American soil. They didn't do anything to prevent it. Two wars and 6,000 dead American soldiers later, the shameful legacy of 9/11 will never be forgotten.

  • No, 9/11 Was Certainly Not A Hoax

    The argument that 9/11 was a hoax is a hugely one sided one. There is no way that the US would plan such an event to take place. If they did it would make them no better then any other country out there. In fact, it would probably make them one of the worst countries.

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