• Bush Needed Excuse to Go to War

    George W. Bush, a man who owned oil companies in Texas, needed a drastic excuse to preserve his industry's interests in the Middle East. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were completely preventable. How in the heck were four planes hijacked without anyone in the CIA knowing about it beforehand? Give me a break. Yokels from the Middle East couldn't pull of such a thing without help. Religious despots may have been well-funded, but they weren't that smart. People give the terrorists WAY too much credit.

  • Sadly it may of been an inside job!

    I really hate to have to sit here and say that our country would do such a thing but I tend to think now that it was done for purposes beyond the average Americans understanding. We as a Nation needed to do such a thing to get fellow Americans to back the Original War on Terrorism. We also needed to do it so we could be in that part of the country where there was huge amounts of Oil of which us and other nations needed. I feel that strongly that by America doing this it has allowed for other Nations not only to get Oil at better prices, but has allowed for those countries to in return continue to Buy Our DEBT! It is sad to say that we killed our own Americans for such a reason, but if this was not done we may be in a worse mess than we are now.

  • YEs it was an inside job

    The USA has plan it 40 years ago before it happened to do on Cuba because of the Cold War and it happened and we got warnings from muiptly countries included our enemies at the time and examples: Russia,England,Cuba,France,Mexico, Canada and much more. My first is how can a passport be found in a week age and not a person or a plane?. How can an untrained pilot do such s compilicated manuver ? Why was the USA Airforce told to stand down when they're were wanting to get into the air? How can a plane go through a steel building and then explode. How can 2 planes go through 3 buildings?

  • The terrorists are sitting in Washington and jerusalem

    How can a mental healthy men believe, that 2 alumium-aeroplanes can completely destroy 3 massive buildings??? And the defense from the most impotant building collapsed, bad pilots had done there masterpiece in flyin.... Only stupid people can believe the official conspiracy theorie from 19 ali baba Terrorist from Afghanistan. LOL

  • Hell yes!!!!!!!!! Fuck yeah it was!!!!!!!!!

    Anybody who thinks 9/11 wasn't an inside job is clearly a caveman who probably lives in a rock. None of the airplanes had windows and on United 175 the left engine was not aligned with the right engine. American 77 only left a small whole that wasn't large enough to be created from a 757 airplane. No bodies were ever found or even luggage by that matter. Some people might argue because they were charred beyond recognition, but the FBI would still be able to identify them by dental or teeth records. No two humans has the same dental or tooth records. On flight 77, the one that hit the Pentagon, there was no destruction in the building from its wings so that clearly shows us that it was probably a missile. This also explains why there were no bodies or luggage found in this airplane. On United 93 the hole is too small to be created from a 757 that was going over 600 mph and falling from the sky from 30,000-40,000 feet.

  • Cows did it

    Please do not organize a drone strike but I am here to confess the truth. Cows have been planning a secret attack on mankind since the early Stone age, in the form of the September attacks. Remember the cow that jumped over the moon? Well this time he jumped into the WTC!

  • Cows did it

    A goat that i had sex with told me that cows did it. Hence, we can believe that the cows have been planning a secret attack on mankind. Remember the cow that jumped over the moon? Well, this time, he jumped into the World Trade Center! I can't believe how stupid people are!

  • 9/11 was an inside job

    They seen a van parked in the parking lot before it had happen and they were watching the building and wile they were watching it, it went up in flames. The old lady that lived in her apartment herd the the awful sound outside her apartment and it was the people. They were goofing off.

  • Yes it was an inside job

    All the building fell on its footprint straight down through maximum resistance in almost freefall speed. US attacked Afganistan without valid proof of Osama being involved in it. There were no evidence of airplane crash on any sight black box was not recovered from any of the sight. Why in hell US government had to release only one tape in pentagon attack when the have got security camera from 85 different angles which would have proved their innocence.

  • Money Money Money!

    Plunder from Iraq and Afghanistan and other places. And that new tower that, had it been proposed in an office, would've inspired an impassioned strike from workers who were fine exercising their jobs within the old time-y towers.

    Even if the government didn't plan the attack, they pray everyday for the gods of rain to send a terrorist attack so they can have their ticket for oversees domination and convince the stupid masses to support them because they are in "danger".

    But yeah the US government did it, 100%. New York is the capital city of Earth, the center of many political, military, economic powers, yet not even one air section was in the sky to police the rogue aircrafts. NORAD are either a bunch of pussies or downright stupid.

    Finally, even if the government wasn't behind it, it's our responsibility to question them and to never fully trust them. Their job is to SERVE the public, that's what they are, servants. We are their masters, and we should always humble them and keep them on their toes, so they get the job done, which they do if and only if it makes their pockets fatter. Much safer to suspect them and be wrong than to trust them and be wrong, at least then we die with honor.

    So naive, to blindly trust MEN in power, who have raped the Earth on so many occasions. Especially American men of war, since they are inherently, since the beginning of their "country", terrorists.

    In the words of Master Chief Douche-bag 1st Class, Ole Herm:

    "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."

  • No, not in a million years

    While yes the government does some questionable things to people in other countries, tortured terrorists and such. How anyone came to the conclusion that they orchestrated the killing and destruction of American property and people "to get Americans to back the Original War on Terrorism" is beyond me. So no 9/11 was not an inside job.

  • There is no universe this is plausible

    Anybody that even briefly entertains the notion that this may have been an act that the United States was at any level intending to happen really needs to seek help. Even if you're willing to go out on a limb of such insanity, the government could have easily performed a similar act of horror without the body count that came with this. There's absolutely nothing that makes it logical to think this was an inside job and as you can see to my left the only reasons being thrown out there are being sensationalized to a downright offensive level.

  • That is Ridiculous

    To suggest that the September 11 2001 attacks were some kind of "inside" job is unbelievably paranoid. There is no possible motivation sufficient to warrant the mass murder of thousands of American citizens that would justify any inside action. September 11 was not the result of an inside terrorist operation.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Please tell me this isnt real? Our government may be corrupt at times but this notion cannot be real. I have faith that most people put into office are trying to do the right thing. And besides there is no evidence to support it plain and simple. Matter of fact why don't we debate whether or not aliens have landed on earth while we are at it.

  • People need to stop looking at the government as a singular person or being or corporation.

    Why on earth would the government murder so many people. It's kind of disrespectful to go around talking about "9/11" like it's just some date on which an event occurred that causes a lot of conversation. Real people died and real people were affected. Real people work in the government that have kids, and eat breakfast, and sleep at night, and talk to their friends. Why on earth would the government as a whole cause such a terrible attack to happen?

  • I said so

    You r wrong .My grandma said so to we all know the aneswer to the meaning of life . Like i mean we knoe like a toe with over nine thousnand dollars .Illumanoti confirmed bro dont u think im wrong cause me batman bro . Lets smash some ugly toys

  • I said so

    You r wrong .My grandma said so to we all know the aneswer to the meaning of life . Like i mean we knoe like a toe with over nine thousnand dollars .Illumanoti confirmed bro dont u think im wrong cause me batman bro . Lets smash some ugly toys

  • Fake theories, fake dignities

    Tell me people, do you really have respect for the victims?? If you do then you dont go around, making jokes about how they died. 2977 innocent people died that day and you have the guts to create fake theories and brainwash other people with lies of the Quran?? I have just 4 reasons to prove this is done by Al-Qaeda so come at me you pieces of low life.

  • That many people

    2,753 people died ya we are going to kill our own people yes we wanted in on the war but if we are going to lose that many people trying to why bother 8 months and 19 days to clean it all up and the WTC7 report by the FEMA said that there was relatively light damage to WTC7 prior to it's collapse with the benefit of more time 3 resoures NIST reseacher now support the working hypothesis that WTC7 was farmore compromiesed by falling debris

  • What?!?!?! George bush needed an excuse to go to war?!?!?!

    1) The steel bars did not melt, and we all know that those temperatures couldn't have melted it, so it was the weight of all the people and building above the impact zone that eventually brought it down, as the framings gave way.
    2) These 'controlled demolitions' you speak of, are false. There was huge explosion like blows through windows during the collapse, but this is because as the building collapsed, all the air was pushed downwards, increasing air pressure and resulting in windows blowing out and gusts of air and dust exploding out. NOT A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, JUST AIR PRESSURE.

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