Was 9/11 done by terrorists (no) or was it an inside job (yes)? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • ''When there is no explanation there are terrorists.''

    Definatelly an inside job in order to create a propaganda against the Eastern countries and find a reason for the U.S governament to attack them.Has anybody ever questioned why these specific countries rich in oil and gas targeted America?What would have been their benefit to do so?Why since the 9/11 these countries have not been implicated or even mentioned ever again?

  • Obvious Inside Job.

    1. The crime scene destroyed at both the WTC and Pentacon.

    2. Investigators not allowed to enter the site at Ground Zero.

    3. The evidence was sent to all the way to China for destruction.

    4. It was 447 days before the investigation started.

    5. A line of 25-30 Pentagon suits pick up evidence in a crime scene before investigators arrived.

    6. There was something hidden under the blue tarp being carried away from the Pentacon we were not allowed to see.

    7. Why were no serial numbered parts found positively identifying them to any of the 4 planes?

    8. Why was Henry Kissinger first appointed to head up the investigation?

    9. Flight 11 and 175 were still on radar after they were claimed to have struck the Towers. This would be impossible.

    10. No airport photos of the hijackers boarding the planes or even in the airports.

  • It's not unthinkable - it's America.

    ~What about the black box? You know, the one that EVERY plane carries, which CANNOT be destroyed, which carries any information on communication between planes and control towers? How come they were not recovered? And the ones that were recovered were supposedly "too damaged to yield any data". It's pretty obvious... No one would want to blow their own cover. [But that's pretty foolish, considering the fact that investigators were able to recover weak paper passports of the so-called terrorists.]
    ~And what about former President Bush? Oh! "Coincidently" he happened to be in Florida at a nearby elementary school "reading a book to young children". What an act. And then to the rescue he came, to prove to daddy bush that he could do what daddy couldn't. How amusing.
    ~How about those missiles that shot right out of the buildings before either plane crashed into the towers? [refer to Youtube for footage(s)]. Where did they come from if the planes were only intended to crash through the towers? >Assuming that those missiles were planted in there by the terrorists, how come security was not able to catch such actions in these EXTREMELY important national buildings?

  • I feel ashamed that the people think that America murdered 3000 people.

    I shall now give reasons against RUN4ACES points - behold you mindless conspirators!
    1) A collapsing tower is quite likely to destroy the things underneath it.
    2) Investigators wouldn't have been allowed into the site because of the debris, bodies and dust.
    3) I don't understand how this proves America did it?
    4) It takes time to get other things sorted, like THE WAR ON TERROR
    5) The pentagon is home to the military, who probably would be on standby if an attack against America goes on
    6) This is probably covering the scraps of the plane that would of rebounded after being force back from the explosion for evidence
    8) This adds to America doing the attacks how?
    9) Not really, planes that have crashed into the sea before at speeds just as quick as it hit the world trade centre or pentagon and have still been successfully recovered and usable
    10) There are actually, you can clearly see Mohammed Atta and several others of the hijackers clearly getting onto the planes.

    Thank you for trying, but just admit the obvious next time :)

  • Debunking RUN :)

    1:That doesn't prove anything.

    2:That's a lie

    3:Still doesn't prove anything. Could be a number of reasons.

    4:See #3

    5:Umm, what?

    6:Debunked ages ago, I suggest watching RKOwens4 video about that (this isn't really a debunk)

    7:Because the planes disintegrated. Planes are made from almost 80% aluminum, which has a low melting point. The planes inside the towers and pentagon most likely melted, while flight 93 disintegrated upon impact. An example of this happening before is Flight 1771. First responders said "There was no wings, no fuselage, no seats, no bodies"

    8:See #3

    9:Never heard of this theory before, sources needed

    10:Yet another lie. You really think they would fake a terrorist attack, and be that incompetent?

  • No, it was terrorists.

    People will always want to make a scandal out of big events that take place during our time. The 9/11 was not an inside job though, I can not imagine anyone who would go through that much effort, risk so many people's lives, and cause terror all around their own country. It is unthinkable.

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