• I did 9/11

    My name is Rick Perry, and I here to confess. In my many years of serving the United States, George Bush has contacted me on many occasions to do underground experimental works, such as the use of mass terror to instigate a cultural fear against certain groups of people. You may also be familiar with my work in the 1940s, most notably the Holocaust.

    To fully understand the significance of 9/11, one must view the events of the closed meetings in Detroit in 1980. Although Osama Bin Laden received a key to the city in 1980, the true purpose of his visit is discuss an oil plan, despite the oil farms not being in his control. Thus, a plan was conceived to invade and take over the oil farms.

    The hijacked planes were then redirected to the Twin Towers, and it was a simple matter to have the news media ready to cover the attack. The government fed the media information that was vague and misleading, and hysteria followed. The information control was based on the Reign of Terror, where the people of Paris were driven to mass hysteria.

    I, Rick Perry, was given the position of Governor of Texas as a reward in 2000, and the following year allowed me to gain control over the media, as well as the newly invented Internet in the state of Texas.

    For reference:
    The trajectory of the planes can be found by using the Quadratic formula.

    (-b+(b^(2)-4ac)^1/2)/2a where a = 5.5 miles/seconds^2, b = 10 oil barrels, and c = 19.25 Muslims.

  • Yes of coarse

    Theres many photos and videos where you can clearly see the bombs going off! It was done by the government just like they tried to do in the 1960s!!! Jfk was killed by the government because they didnt want to be shut down or exposed! 4000 jews didnt show up to work! Osama bin laden worked for the oss (cia) well before 9/11 and worked as a "terrorist" just to start a war

  • Only a brainwashed idiot would not see this fact.

    False flag attack to convince dumbed down Americans that we need to go to war and get the people that did this... False flag attacks have been committed before 9/11 (Murrah Bldg, OKC...) and after.. Boston Marathon, etc... It will happen again, when the dollar collapses, Martial Law will be enacted, you will have zero rights, herded into a fema camp for disposal.. Believe it, it can and quite probably will happen.

  • Maybe it was

    All the the in inconsistencies. All the lies. I'm not saying that that's what happened and I don't know for sure. I don't know a lot about 9/11. It seems that way because of some of these strange happenings but it could be coincidences. Also remember that the government has do e many false flags like operation north woods. It would make sense for them to do it again.

  • Of Course It Was

    The anthrax attack was admittedly an inside job and it was nexused with 9/11. The evidence indicates that the CIA brought the alleged hijackers into the country, sheltered them, protected them, and the FBI never got the story about the alleged hijackers correct. Some of the alleged hijackers are still alive. Commercial airliners did not strike the WTC. The WTC was hit with drone aircraft. The alleged hijackers were patsies. The CIA selected the targets for the anthrax attack which I believe was launched primarily to take the FBI off the trail of the alleged hijackers which led to their financiers in the intelligence community, but it was also exploited to increase spending on the bio industry.

  • Follow the money

    The put options on the airlines days before 9/11 are enough evidence that there was a conspiracy. There's no way a coincidence like that is possible. Also the owner of the towers cashed in on insurance policies he had just renewed and made sure covered acts of terrorism. No way that's a coincidence.

  • No evidence?

    There's plenty of evidence to support this. All you have to do is look. The media pretty much told people at the time that it is some sort of treason think that there was any conspiracy, to the point that people in other countries were looking for the truth more than most Americans. Can anyone explain why building 7 fell, or, for that matter why it was barely mentioned in reports? I mean, it was only the building that housed the offices of the most powerful bodies in the US government. (CIA, FBI, Secret Service, etc.) The video of building 7 falling can be compared closely to a planned demolition, completed with a tell-tale sign of the method used. The reason given to the the US people was that the building had somehow caught fire from the other building, and event highly unlikely as the positioning of the building was much farther than other buildings right next to the towers that showed only cosmetic damage. Why didn't those structures also burn and fall?
    A lot of people made a lot of money of those towers falling, from the owner of the buildings to weapons manufacturers who have supplied us so graciously in the ensuing war. Lucky for Bush Jr. that he had an opportunity to finish what his father started, right?

    Everything from the planes not looking like they should have (no paint, no logos) to reports of bombs going off under the towers well before the towers collapsed. Something tells me though, that even if Bush went on tv tomorrow and admitted that they did it, people would probably just trash talk him and say we didn't, we couldn't have, that no country on Earth would be crazy enough to kill its own people and lie to them about it, and many other things. Open your eyes and stop regurgitating what you've been trained to say, that gets you no respect.

  • Definitely

    I believe that 9/11 was most definitely perpetrated by the U.S Government in order to convince the American population to enter into an unjust war. We already know the Bush administration was itching to go to war in Iraq, the Downing Street memo proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. There were many ties between the bin Laden and Bush families for decades and Arbusto Energy, a Bush business, had financial connections to Salem bin Laden, half-brother of Osama. As for the towers themselves, the type of steel they used melts at a temperature of about 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, jet fuel burns at 1,500 degrees, tops, they also found traces of nano thermite in the 9/11 debris which you find where there has been a controlled demolition where the buildings fall in the manner that they did, falling ever so neatly into their own basements, which is something that only a very precise demolition can accomplish. Another strange occurrence was why on earth the BBC were able to incorrectly report that 7 World Trade Center had collapsed moments before it actually did? There is so much evidence out there if you choose to open your eyes and look, then you can make up your own mind. At the very least, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Thank you.

  • Things aren't adding up.

    If 9/11 perpetrated by the United States government, why did they destroy both Twin Towers and damaged by the Pentagon? Could they just bombed an unpopulated part of the Pentagon, blame a non-existent small group of Muslims and get the same results? What would the point of destroying two buildings in a different city just so they the same thing? Also, how do 9/11 "Truthers" explain the Pennsylvania plane?

    Sorry that the paragraph above were all questions. I have so many of them because the 9/11 conspiracy theories just don't add up in my mind.

  • Building 7 debunked

    I think this video does a pretty good job debunking the building 7 debate that 9/11 'truth seekers' thrive on. I realize there is much more to their argument than this issue alone, but this at least provides some evidence on how the building fell and shows how many surrounding buildings effected by the debris.


  • Remember back when

    This was the craziest, compassionless and outright terrible conspiracy theory going around? It's not anymore, the truthers have gotten even worse. That doesn't make this any less reprehensible then it was when it started though, the tin foil hat brigade never had anything with this one and they never will because it's stupid and 100% inaccurate.

  • No chance

    I would have to ask where the evidence is that would suggest such a fact. What would be gained of of doing something so horrendous like that? All the money that would have to be spent to rebuild everything would just be a waste if 9-11 was perpetrated by the US government.

  • No, the U.S. Government did not perpetrate 9/11

    There is simply no evidence to suggest this. Going above and beyond the fact that this type of evil intent on the part of the government is just not realistic, I think you have to look at very simple facts. The scope of trying to pull off something of this magnitude would require such a massive number of people, and somewhere along the lines, someone would have spoken about it. Another reality is that documents would have been leaked and released.

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