Was 9/11 really as bad as Americans make it out to be?

Asked by: Candor18
  • Worse thing Since Pearl Harbor.

    Many people do not realize what has occured here in the United States. Many people around the world say that we over reacted, but yet they fail to realize the attacks on the US soil and 3,000 innocent lives being killed. This was a tragedy and it needed addressing. Should people have to die like that? No. Should we have reacted the way we did? Not quite. There were other ways we could have reacted, but the gist of the question is "yes, 9/11 was bad and Americans had every right to believe it was bad."

  • It is complicated

    The US has been a very fortunate nation. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans act as some of the best natural barriers in the world, we have a military with a tremendous record when it comes to defending the homeland, and are geographical locations guarantees that we will be economically important. That is why attacks like these are such a shock to us. Many compare 9/11 to Pearl Harbor, but that is not an accurate statement. We avenged Pearl Harbor. We went to war with Japan, defeated them, and got closure. Those who died that day were avenged. Their is no closure for 9/11. We were attacked by a group with no country to serve, no military that we can defeat, and no surrender that we could bring them to give. We want to strike back at the enemy that has wronged us, but try as we must we can never achieve it. Even 14 years after it has happened, America still has yet to feel like we got our revenge, that we got justice for those you died that day. Al Qaeda still exists, and those who imitate them grow in numbers. This makes it worse than Pearl Harbor. Worse than any tragedy that we have ever experienced. 9/11 is a wound that can't heal. Until we get the closure we need to finally heal that wound, America will never forget.

  • It is BAD because our Government did it to us.

    There was no terrorist attack. The building were taken down by controlled demolition by our own government while people were inside. Our government wanted a reason to go to war, they needed Americans on their side, so they did it. See the truth here. No this isn't the most tragic of loses, someone mentioned the two atomic bombs dropped by the US in 1945 and 70 years later people are still dying over there because of those bombs, cancer, leukemia etc. So no 9/11 loss was great but not like other tragedy, but because our government did this to our own country, that is what makes it bad.

  • It really doesn't matter

    It was a clear attack against the US on US soil. This attack costed billions, wasted thousands of otherwise extremely useful lives and destroyed extremely important infrastructure. It was a clear attack exactly like pearl harper but instead of a savage military attack it was against civilians making it malicious and akin to murder on a mass scale. There was also an attack against a military target but this wasn't an attack on a battalion or a base it was an attack against the command point of the US army. They were asking for a war and that's what they got, if you would like to instigate a country friend or foe and wish to look to history on how to do it 9/11 would be a perfect example. Low friendly causalities, high foe causalities along with a crippling blow to critical infrastructure.

    I fail to see a better reason to go to war. What other potions were there get dug in and wait for another attack, that would have been mindless. So there is no need for exaggeration it was a clear cut against America and everything it stood for. So there is no need for severity the Taliban became a threat the moment of attack and americans responded how they should have.

  • Yes it was

    It was a direct attack against us by scumbag terrorists who hated us just because they didn't like what we stood for. The numbers involved were surely atrocious, but it was more than that. On that day, they basically gave America the middle finger, which is why I have no sympathy for terrorists that are tortured. They should burned alive.

  • Terrorizing the country

    Yes, 9/11 really is as bad as us Americans make it out to be. Keep in mind that this was the first major terrorist attack on the United States ever. Over 2000 people died a brutal death, everybody was in a state of terror and wondering whether their city was going to get hit or not. It was a very bad time for the U.S.

  • Yes it was

    Just because there have been worse things were more people have died doesn't in any terms mean it's not bad. Okay 3,000 people isn't nothing and just because there have been incidents where there have been 100,000 deaths doesn't mean that the people who helped don't deserve recognition and the people who died don't deserve recognition. That day was an awful tragedy and anybody who feels so should be able to speak freely about it.

  • Worst attack in Modern History

    This was the biggest attack on a civilian populace the world has ever seen outside of wartime. The casualties and losses include:

    -2,996 civilians and military personnel from over 90 countries

    -4 commercial airliners: $400 million
    -Commercial Air Traffic Lost Revenues: $10 billion
    -Damage to World Trade Center Real Estate: $4 billion
    -Pentagon damage: $1 billion
    -Cleanup, rescue, and investigative costs: $1.3 billion
    -83,000 lost jobs: $17 billion in lost wages
    -Insurance losses: $40 billion

    This is 40% more expensive than the initial costs of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster in Ukraine! While the invasion of Afghanistan was a totally warranted reaction to the attacks, the Iraq invasion was of more dubious justification. Just because you don't agree with the Iraq war doesn't invalidate the shock and loss that Americans everywhere felt. We messed up Iraq, but George Bush's stirring leadership was an infinitely better response than anything this current president has shown in 7 years.

  • Worst Act of Terrorism in American History


    The question was, "Is 9/11 really as bad as Americans make it out to be." The answer is yes. Why? Again, it is the worst act of terrorism ever to be carried out on American soil. The question was not, "In your world view, was 9/11 really that big of a deal?" The question did not have anything about war, Birmingham, or black churches. It was simply, (paraphrasing) is it a big deal. Of course it was.

  • There has been larger tragedies

    9/11 is, and has been, over-hyped by the media. It has also been used as another source to inspire nationalism and hate toward others around the world. The attack in 9/11 killed around 3,000 people. Some might think that is a lot. But it's not. The bomb dropped on Heroshima killed around 100,000 people and the bomb dropped on Nagasaki killed somewhere around 60,000 people. During ww2, 60 million people were killed, and Russia had the largest proportion of those killed. On d-day alone, 425,000 people were killed.

    After 9/11, the U.S went to war with Iraq and lost over 4,000 American soldiers in the war. That's more deaths than 9/11. It's even worse with Iraq. 133,000 Iraqi citizens(non-military) were killed in the war but no one wants to mention that on September 11th, or any other day. When you turn on the news, it's all about how "horrific" things were for the U.S. The Iraqis had 9/11 44 times over since 2003.

    I am just pointing out the lack of objectivism by the American media and others who fall for this nationalist ideology.

  • Definitely not .

    Americans somehow think their lives are worth more, silly them they are not, as someone who doesn't live in america I didn't give a damn about 11/9, stumbled upon it on tv, bored me immediately so just watched some comedy, though I do like all the memes and funny pictures that were made about 11/9.

    A couple of thousand died, barely anything, more then that many humans die everyday

  • There have been many worse things

    Im not gonna get very detailed into this but 9/11 killed 3k people right? I mean thats alot,but not really,colleges have 10 times as many people,and when it comes to natinal things that have happened tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands have died from these types of things around the world,the u.S just dosent live in a society where people die that much each day,and we have had worse things happen in history but only focus on this

  • Not so much about if it was but what type of the attacks were the attacks in Iraq really?

    This was not a war related act. It was a crime. This attack was no different from the bombings in Birmingham, Alabama, of black churches. This was a crime not a war act. So it's not so much if it was bad but was this an act of war, to which I answer no.

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