Was a federal judge in Pennsylvania correct in dismissing Renita Hill's civil suit against Bill Cosby?

  • Pennsylvania judge was entitled to dismiss Renita hill's suit

    I think the Pennsylvania judge can without a fact dismiss the civil suit that Renita Hill brought on Bill Cosby. If he has logical arguments to do so, it is absolutely the thing to do, and I am the first happy that it's the law representative who did the job and not another.

  • It hurts me to agree but the law must be followed

    Unfortunately Bill Cosby will not have his day in court. As much as it hurts me to say this I have to agree with the judges ruling. He has to follow the rule of law but if you can't prove what happened, you can't amend your complaint to fit what you think will get him prosecuted. This man is rich and he's turning out to be very, very lucky.

  • Justice must be served

    Saying that Ms. Hill's accusations were unsubstantiated is a far cry from branding her to be a liar. Even though Mr. Cosby needs to be brought to justice for his heinous actions, he should not be penalized for merely stating his opinion. Just like any other human being, he reserves the right to speak freely.

  • Always Believe the Victim

    The instances of false rape and assault accusations are so small that they are barely a noteworthy number. There is almost no motive for someone to falsify an assault claim, and every person accused of rape or assault should face a trial. The victims of these crimes deserve justice, and the instances of false claims aren't enough to discount accusations.

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