Was Aaron Swartz a Martin Luther King, Jr. of the Internet?

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  • No, he wasn't that influential

    Yes, Aaron Swartz was a very important and influential individual when it came to privacy and the internet. However, to compare him to the great things that Martin Luther King Jr did for race equality in this country is just crazy. King put himself in harms way to bring his ideas to the people, and did a whole lot of good. Swartz wasn't quite as great.

  • Aaron Swartz's work protecting individual choice is not similar to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Aaron Swartz's work both creating accessibility to the Internet and protecting our individual rights to privacy on the Internet are valuable and historical as individuals and a society on the cusp of mass inter-connectivity. Swartz's work should also be revered for its ability to open the people's minds and motivate them toward political independence. However, the breadth and scope of Swartz's work cannot be compared to the work of Dr. King did, and continues to do. Dr. King's work provided a path for true equality for individuals that provides inspiration for others to follow, while Swartz's work does not have that reach.

  • No.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is and will continue to be a forerunner in American history about social injustice and the need for social change that is often radical and abnormal within our society. While I do feel that Dr. King would support Aaron Swartz in his strife, I do not feel that the two are equated.

  • No

    I believe Aaron Swartz was not a Martin Luther King, Jr. of the internet at all. Swartz might have done great things for the internet, but by no means could you compare him to achieving even a tenth of what King, Jr. did in his lifetime. Do not get me wrong, Swartz was very intelligent and contributed quite a bit to the Internet, I just couldn't, in my mind, compare him to King, Jr.

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