• Abraham Lincoln was indeed a Christian.

    Abraham Lincoln prayed regularly and read the Holy Bible on a regular basis. He also lived the Christian life by his deeds. It hurts me that people today would try to squash the fact that he was indeed a Christian! God knows the truth, but it hurts to see how Christianity is squashed at just about every turn including the public school system. Children are growing up today without the true narrative about Christianity and history is being re-written to wipe it out. In the end, God reigns!

  • Abraham Lincoln Became a Christian

    He was raised a Baptist Fundamentalist by his parents, but until the death of his son Willie and after he walked the battlefield of Gettysburg, he did not confront the issue of his salvation or put stock into the doctrinal teachings of Christianity beyond simple morality. My research tells me that he did not place his faith in Christ until he was wholly broken and couldn't bear life on his own anymore.

  • Every president is Christian.

    All the way up to Barack Obama, every US president has been a Christian. Some have been quiet about their faith, while others have been proud of it. However, they've all said at some point or another that they are Christians-- it has been and still is something of a necessity in the US to express Christian beliefs in order to be elected.

  • Yes, Abraham Lincoln was a Christian.

    Yes, historical facts prove that Abraham Lincoln was a Christian. Although it is an intensely debated topic, when you look at what he's said during his life and his actions, it is clear that he was a Christian. Whether or not he was a highly devout Christian remains in contention, but Lincoln grew up Christian and regularly attended church with his family in his adult life as well. In addition to that, he has often hinted at his Christian beliefs in a couple of the speeches he gave and the literature he has written.

  • Yes Abraham Lincoln was a Christian

    Abraham Lincoln was private about the religious aspect of his beliefs. He was not a member of a church, but was known to read his Bible on a regular basis. His wife, Mary, stated that he was a Christian. After his assassination, she was quoted as saying, "From the time of the death of our little Edward, I believe my husband's heart was directed towards religion & as time passed on - when Mr. Lincoln became elevated to Office - with the care of a great Nation, upon his shoulders - when devastating war was upon us then indeed to my knowledge - did his great heart go up daily, hourly, in prayer to God - for his sustaining power." He had a business partner that tried to dispel her statements, and to say that he was not. However, she claimed their statements were false. This has left Abraham's Lincoln's beliefs up for controversy. It is up to the person inquiring to decide who knew him the best, his wife or business partner.

  • Better than the Rest

    I believe lincoln was a Christian. Many can call themselves a Christian, but it's not in the label, it's the characteristics. When Lincoln was in presidency, he was the one that freed the slaves. I know that had to be hard in those days because he must have developed many enemies for believing such a thing.

  • Lincoln was a Christian

    Abraham Lincoln, though not religious, identified with the Christian religion. Those running against him for government office tried to slander Lincoln as a nonbeliever, but he is quoted as saying he has never doubted the scripture. While in the White House, he and his family attended a Presbyterian church, where they rented a whole pew.

  • Abraham Lincoln was a deist.

    The closest friends and most thorough biographers of the rationalist Abraham Lincoln have determined that Lincoln was a deist and free thinker since adolescence. Lincoln was an avaricious reader of deists like Thomas Paine and Voltaire and also believed in the doctrine of fatalism which per the standards of the nineteenth century West was recognized as an "infidel" doctrine for supposing a universe and destiny for humankind that was determined out of his free will, a precious doctrine to many Christian sects. Theories that Lincoln's undeniable fatalism arose out of a maternal Calvinism are proven wrong by first hand accounts of Lincoln's life from close friends and his public refusal to join any actual church.

  • As far as I can tell

    He did state that he wasn't religious although did at other times reference the Bible, as far as I know he never went to church and didn't identify as anything. I have heard some scholars refer to him as atheistic or at the very least deistic. I can't say for sure so I will just go with no.

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