Was Abraham Lincoln the greatest American President?

  • Abraham Lincoln was the greatest American President.

    Lincoln was the greatest American president because he led America through the Civil War and he helped to free the slaves. He was a great orator and people still read his speeches. He led the country through one of its greatest crises and saved the union. He was truly the greatest president.

  • Abraham Lincoln was the greatest American president

    Abraham Lincoln was the greatest american president because he had the courage to go against half of the nation to stop the injustice that was being committed. Lincoln freed the slaves, something that basically destroyed the southern economy, because he recognized how ignorant the slave system was and how it exploited people who were only different in color.

  • Yes He was the Greatest American President

    It's not only that he effectively kept the country from splitting during a Civil War, but the fact the continues to be mythologized and studied that speak to his greatness. Abraham Lincoln had a genuine drive to do right by the country he was serving, and truly saw himself as serving the country. These qualities of humility and an ever present desire to be better are the reasons we remember him as being so great and able to keep the country from splitting.

  • Yes, yes, yes

    Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents and passed many wonderful laws and rights needed to help slavery. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,yesyes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

  • Greatest American, not simply greatest president

    Lincoln represents all the best American ideals--self-made man who overcome poverty, self-educated with an inner drive for greatness, the humility to recognize his limitations, and most of all, the psychological maturity to be comfortable enough with himself to put aside vengeance, overcome personal attacks, and lift the nation finally to fulfill its highest ideals. The "body count" per se is not the issue--that can be attributed to the crisis of democracy--it's how he brought nobility out of the struggle, a truly rare feat in the history of warfare. Not only did he prepare the ground skillfully for emancipation, he saved the ideal of democracy for all time.

  • A very stuborn man

    Lincoln fought for the right things but not in the right way .In order to make it through the war he needed to violate the constitution many times.Once by suspending habeas corpus , wich gives people who have been arested the right to see a judje and arrested his critics.I think lincoln made many mistakes,so no, he is not the greatest president

  • One of the best, but not the best.

    He had little to no respect as commander and chief, and because of this he was not able to keep the war under control, the result of this was the expense of many American lives. His original plan to deal with African- Americans was to send them back to Africa, which was morally wrong. He never actually believed that Blacks were equal to Whites despite his belief that no man should own another. He was a great leader though, he was able to convince congress that the practice of owning slaves was wrong, but he had flaws too big to make him the greatest president of all time.

  • Lincoln Passed the most important piece of legislation ever, but he is not, FDR is.

    FDR is he lifted the nation out of the worst state it has ever been in and ended the greatest war in history. Franklin resembles that of the American spirit and lifted the nation. He is the ultimate ascendant and preserver of the country. He had a vision of a just American society that synchronized with that of the people and they needed a president who could do this, never in the course of American history have we seen anything like that.

  • No he caused the death of thousands of Americans.

    Abraham Lincoln rejected the Crittenden Compromise which would abolish slavery in every state north of latitude 36 degrees, which at the time were the New Mexico Territory and the Indian Territory. He believed that the solution to the "Negro Problem" was to Deport them to South Africa. He arrested over 15,000 Northern Citizens for no or little reason. He said that he would "follow forms of law as far as convenient" and the only reason he tried to free the slaves was when a huge majority of his party was in favor of it.

  • One of them, but no

    Lincoln put himself on the line and obviously accomplished some major things, but I'm not quite willing to call him the greatest. With that said, somebody of his conviction and selflessness would be awfully welcome in Washington right now. Lincoln got things done but not in the most preferred ways, the body count was quite high under his watch.

  • Led in Tough Times, But Didn't Keep Country Together

    Abraham Lincoln was a great president, but not the greatest. Lincoln led our country through tough times, but he couldn't preserve the union without violence. Peace time marvels such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and John. F. Kennedy persevered in our great republic with a minimal use of force to maintain American ideals.

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