Was Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address the best of all time?

  • Yes. It just might have been.

    Even without considering Abraham Lincoln's previous accomplishments of leaderships and etc., his second inaugural address might have been the best. After the Civil war, he preached for a true Reconstruction, in which the South would never again be seen as a traitor. If Lincoln had not died in the assassination "attempt", his words and strong leadership just might have been able to push the South into a modern era of equality, without having to make it go through the "Second Reconstruction" (1960s).

  • Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Address Best of All Time?

    Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address was possibly the greatest of all time. Though Kennedy's would have come close to Lincoln's as far as being memorable, I would have to argue that Lincoln's holds first place. I suppose time will tell just how well Kennedy's holds up to Lincoln's as far as being memorable. To this date my belief is that Lincoln's will possibly hold first place from this day forward.

  • Honest Abe's second inaugural address; better than all the rest!

    Abraham Lincoln was re-elected during one of the darkest times in America's history. In his second inaugural address he points out the common sense reasons the civil war is taking place. The speech is not political grand standing, nor is it gloating over his victory, but a very sober and humble assessment of the state of the union. Lincoln recognizes that both sides are suffering and to blame. His words give a feeling of his humble, heart felt emotions. The address is almost spiritual to read and is so different from many that it stands out as one of the best. This speech should be one of the best as it occurred at such a trying time for the nation, most presidents don't have such things to speak about.

  • Not quite- but top 5

    I do not think that Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address was the best of all time because of the social, national, and international implications of Obama's first inaugural address to America. While the words of Lincoln's speech may have been the same level, or even better it did not show as large of an impact as Obama's first inaugural address.

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