• Of course he was

    He was sick and enabled by his fatigued mother and incompetent local authorities. He should have been hospitalized. He obviously lacked empathy or somekind of internal reaction to real life terrors. Its not something a video game can give you. Why do i have to write so much. I made my point.

  • Yes, but it's hard to say.

    It's difficult for one to say whether Adam Lanza was insane or simply insane at the time he committed mass murder, but obviously there were serious issues. One has to be carefully when simply blanketing such a happening as being by someone who is insane, because this country still does not understand and still is not open to discussing mental issues as much as we should as a society.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    Yes, I believe Adam Lanza definitely had mental problems. The evidence that has come out of the Sandy Hook investigation points to some definitive claims that Mr. Lanza has some serious mental concerns. He was literally obsessed with shootings and violent video games and was very withdrawn from society as a whole.

  • Adam Lanza was insane.

    Any person who can look a six or seven year old in the eye and pull the trigger has got to be insane. He also took the coward's way out by taking his own life. Insanity is not an excuse, but that is exactly what he was. He robbed the parents of watching their children grow up and get married, have children. He robbed them of getting justice for their loss. He was insane.

  • Yes, definitely had mental problems.

    I don't know what the proper term is to use, perhaps it is "insane", but Adam Lanza was definitely a very disturbed young man with a lot of mental problems. It might not ever be known what the extent of his problems were and what led him to inflict such violence against so many people.

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