Was Adelina Sotnikova’s victory over Yuna Kim a case of home court advantage?

  • She did not deserve her victory.

    While Adelina Sotnikova is no doubt a very talented skater, I think that her win had more to do with home court advantage. Yuna Kim was clearly the better figure skater and deserved a higher medal. But what else can we expect from an event in Russia? It's a corrupt country run by thugs who believe that cheating is always appropriate.

  • Yes, it was definitley that.

    Russia won the figure skating competition because of a home court advantage, but that does not mean the Russian skater did not earn it over the South Korean. Home court advantage is available anywhere in all sports, and that's what happens when you host the Olympics. You get perks to win.

  • Adelina Sotnikova's victory over Yuna Kim was a case of home court advantage.

    Adelina Sotnikova's victory over Yuna Kim was a case of home court advantage. Adelina Sotnikonva's win over Yuna Kim in the 2014 Sochi Olympics sparked controversy. Many viewers believed that Yuna Kim put on the better performance, but she was only awarded the Silver medal. It is possible that the Judges were somewhat biased in their decision making. One of the Judges was suspend in the past for trying to fix an Olympic event, while another Judge was married to the former president of the Russian skating federation.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, I do think that her case was an example of the home court advantage. I think that when you are playing in your own town and on the court that you practice on all of the time, then you will have a lot better chance of winning the game.

  • Adelina Aotonikova's Victory

    I personally think that For all that it did to destabilize the world, the Cold War really heightened the comedy potential of subjectively evaluated Olympic sports. Take, for example, the old 6.0 scoring system for figure skating. If you saw, say, East German skater Katarina Witt receive a ludicrously low 5.5 score for technical merit from the American judge and 5.7s and 5.8s from the rest of the panel, at least you knew exactly what was going on.

  • Adelina skated well but not THAT well.

    There were multiple corrupt/biased judges on the panel. One of them giving 0 to one of Yuna's jump in the short program. Overscoring Adelina's short program and then of course the ultimate travesty of scoring Adelina above not just Yuna, but Carolina Kostner and Mao Asada, both who performed better. Complete rubbish.

  • Sotnikova's choreography or jumps were not mature enough.

    It was even unfortunate for the prospective skater, Sotnikova who could have grown to be a much better skater than she is now. In 2014, She had just passed the junior competitions and was developing her skills. This incident meant complete shut for her career because she must have afraid of confronting non-inflated scores revealing where actually she was. She withdrew herself from most of the competitions afterward, And this disgraceful Sochi gold is the first and the last one in her entire senior career.

  • No it was not

    Adelina's program was more complex in many ways, Not just jumps,
    but steps before and after jumps, Spins, Transitions. Composition was more complex as well. Although Adelina had demonstrated different emotions in her program.
    Yuna was great, But he's program was more simple, More old-fashioned, Made in an old way. Figure Skating changed and now you can't just skate in a circle.
    Yuna was great at 2010 Olympics.

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