Was Al Sharpton (no) or the Hasidic ambulance driver (yes) to blame for the 1991 Crown Heights Riots? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • He did and fuel to the fire, but

    Al Sharpton stirs up race issues whenever he can but he did not incite the violence. He in fact condemned the use of violence. The riot started when a rumor spread that the ambulance ignored the dying black child instead catering to the Hasidic driver. Then groups of young black men started throwing rocks, bottles and debris at people. The summer was really hot in 1991 and people were on edge, tensions were rising in crown heights.

  • This is not a definite yes

    Al Sharpton definitely sparked the riot with his pro-Nazi remarks, but the ambulance driver is also to blame for not helping the kids who were struck by accident. This is not a black-and-white case. This is more complex then it seems. It's easier to blame sides for this, but it reveals a deeper problem of racism between Jews and blacks.

  • No, Al Sharpton was to blame.

    Al Sharpton is a race baiting piece of trash. He is to blame for most of the racism that still exists. He does nothing but race bait and take donations. He makes more money on donations if he can fire up more people. He race baits without having any supporting facts.

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