Was Alaskan reporter Charlo Greene's grand exit after a story on the Alaska Cannabis Club justified?

  • Yes, I agree that his grand exit was justified.

    Charlo Greene, and any other reporter, in my opinion, has the option to manage their career however they see fit. More than his story on the Alaska Cannabis Club influenced this outcome; factors of public opinion, his employer(s) evaluation of his work or his representation in the public eye, as well as his own choices are all involved.

  • Charlo Greene's exit was not justified.

    I understand that people are unique and have differing views about various topics. However, i don't believe she should have exited in the middle of the story the way that she did. It was very unprofessional and it may have even hurt her cause. It is fine to disagree, and I believe it would have been fine for her to leave her job. I just don't agree with the way that she left on air. It left her coworkers and network in an awkward situation, and it just wasn't a very nice thing to do.

  • It was unprofessional.

    Charlo Greene will likely have a hard time finding a job after she swore on live television. It was unprofessional of her to quit her job in that way. We all have things that we don't like about our jobs. The rest of us find ways to deal with it. She should have been more professional.

  • Charlo Greene's departure from her previous job was a big fail

    Charlo Greene's "grand exit" from her broadcaster job was juvenile and unprofessional. If she was attempting to get press for her marijuana campaign, she succeeded. If she wanted the respect and attention of supporters of her belief, she failed. It is all too easy to do something like what Ms. Greene did on her final news report, but it takes a skilled and intelligent professional to make waves in a less offensive way. Her means of departure made little sense other than it was a publicity stunt. She burned many bridges with one stupid act.

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