Was Alberto Rivera an anti-Catholic visionary (yes) or just insane (no)?

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  • Mostly just insane

    There are very few new 'visionaries' when it comes to religion because its hard to have a new take on something that is almost inherently immutable and far removed from the source. Today, almost all of the people claiming to be new religious visionaries are just somewhat crazy, especially in the more established religions.

  • Alberto Rivera was a nutcase.

    Have you read anything by Alberto Rivera, or anything about him? He's basically on the same level with nutters like David Icke who think that reptile aliens run the world. Alberto Rivera was a very unstable man who should have received mental health treatment to help him overcome his outlandish delusions.

  • He had strange views.

    No, Alberto Rivera was not an anti-Catholic visionary, although I do not know that I would classify him as as insane either. Rather, Alberto Rivera had some rather unconventional views. Most people did not give him too much credibility. He claimed more credibility for himself than he actually deserved. He was just a person with opposing viewpoints. They were far from revolutionary.

  • Former Jesuit Priest Was Just Looney

    Alberto Rivera claimed the Catholic Church was a huge conspiracy and that there were many revealing secrets hidden in archives in The Vatican. Rivera was just plain nuts as he was excommunicated from the church. Conspiracy theories abound regarding his death in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His widow claims he was poisoned by Catholics.

  • Was just insance.

    Alberto Rivera was not really an anti Catholic visionary, he was just yet another crazy person who decided to attack a religion. He had no hard evidence on anything that he said, and just rambled on and on about stuff that was pure crazy. He is just like the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

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