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  • He was not.

    Alberto Rivera was not poisoned by Jesuits. Alberto Rivera was a crazy man, who was off of his knocker, and was filled with some odd ideas of a conspiracy. There was no possible way that Alberto Rivera was poisoned by Jesuits. People who say this just want a good story.

  • Alberto Rivera wasn't killed by anyone.

    Alberto Rivera was either mentally ill, a crackpot, or both. The idea that the Jesuits would find him in any way credible or threatening is laughable, and therefore the idea that they had any hand in the man's death is laughable as well. How sad for him to leave this world with a legacy of being a fool.

  • Died of Heart Attack in Oklahoma

    Although Alberto Rivera's widow claims he was poisoned by Jesuits before his death in Oklahoma, the official autopsy reports say the rogue Catholic priest died of heart failure. Yet his wife refutes this and says Jesuits tried to "keep him quiet" ever since Rivera left the Catholic Church. It's just another conspiracy theroy, which is just like Rivera's own life's work.

  • He was not.

    Alberto Rivera was not poisoned by Jesuits. If he was, it would have been found out. You can go ahead and dig him up out of his grave to check for foul play, but you will find no evidence of it. If you think you will, you are just a crazy conspirator.

  • No, they just wanted someone to blame.

    No, Alberto Rivera was not poised by Jesuits, because that is just a conspiracy. Unfortunately, Dr. Alberto Rivera was not that popular or relevant. It is unlikely that someone would have found it necessary to poison him. Although a bit extreme, he was considered fringe and his teachings were not given a lot of weight by the mainstream church. He would have been ignored, not poisoned.

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