• Most definitely! Yes.

    Alfred Hitchcock made some really interestly unique movies that captured audiences throughout the United States, and the world. Some were scary, some were funny, and some were a combination of both. Some, such as "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" were rather overrated, and somewhat dull, but "North by Northwest", "The Birds", and "Psycho" were my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Hitchcock was a legend

    Alfred Hitchcock made movies that changed that way others make them now days. In the times of film production Hitchcock did so many things that were different that he has to be known as a legendary producer. When he made horror he made it in a way that it scared people. That is a good goal.

  • Alfred Hitchcock's creativity and humor place him as one of the best all time

    Alfred Hitchcock is definitely one of the best film producers of all time. He was by far the master of suspense for his time period and his unique sense of humor of placing himself in one scene of his movies brought a relatability to his movies, and overall he was a maverick to the thriller and suspense genre, revolutionizing it and setting the precedent for future directors to improve upon.

  • Alfred Hitchcock is a timeless classic!

    Alfred Hitchcock was the true genius behind the beginning of horror films. He could take a story and weave it with such precision that, even before the age of color television and special effects, one felt like that had been transported into the middle of a nightmare. With films like The Birds, there is no doubt that Hitchcock is one of the best producers of all time!

  • Yes I agree

    Yes, Alfred Hitchcock was one of the best film producers and story tellers of all time. He took people's seemingly insignificant fears and exposed them for what they really were. He showed how those fears could grow to be very significant. He was a very clever story teller and there are none like him.

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