• America was correct to leave the British Empire

    America was correct to leave the British Empire. They had every right to govern themselves and not be bullied by the British Empire, which at one point in history conquered much of the entire world. American fought for its Independence and they won. The country we have today is as a result of patriots and others who gave their lives to be independent.

  • America was correct.

    You can see that America leaving the British Empire was the right thing to do. Firstly, it stopped the march of the most brutal empire in the history of earth and, secondly, the world has been much more safe under America's watch than it was Britains. And this is by a long shot.

  • Yes, America made the right move by leaving Britian.

    Yes, America was right in choosing to be an independent nation rather than a colony. By definition, a colony is recognized for its economic value to the mother country. It is an external source of income, and its residents are not seen as equals. Without America's decision to leave British rule, its citizens would still be considered inferior to Englishmen.

  • Yes They Were

    I believe America was correct to fight for independence and leave the British Empire. Unfortunately, I think up to this point we've made some of the same mistakes that the British governments did in their time. I think our current state of affairs makes us more comparable to the country we broke off from in the first place.

  • Hell Yes !

    Damn brits with their kings and tea never had a right to control America by taxing without representation and imposing their fancy laws and regulations as an American I will never go to England because of their messed up politics and rulings and all their fancy men in fancy clothes impeding the American way/ Trump 2020!

  • For our ideals.

    Yes, America was correct to leave the British Empire, because in doing so, we became the richest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Britain was taxing so much that the country could not function. It was correct to affirm the ideals of the country by standing up for human rights and liberty.

  • Murica was not correct to leave Britian

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