• America has always been racist!

    Even if you aren't racist there are still many people out there even today who are racist so I would say yes, America is racist and always have been. I am not a racist but many of the people I love around are. Even though in 1982, it wasn't as bad but it was still there.

  • Who is this 'America'?

    Who is this America you speak of? There is no such person. There are millions of people who live in a place called 'America', however. You cannot group them all together and declare them all to be 'racist' or 'non racist' in 1982 or any other year, for that matter. Each person is an individual and each had their own degree of racism or non racism against other people who are white, black, brown, yellow, or red.

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Adam2 says2014-06-09T19:08:44.590
Watching "48 Hours" gives me that impression that we were a racist Nordic country even after Jim Crow. He is openly racist without reprisal. He refuses to let Reggie out to find Ganz with him even after giving him info in jail in the beginning. He only lets him out because he's "desperate." He calls him the N-word and even remarks that he didn't know that colored people get foreign car jobs.