• The US was wrong

    The war in Vietnam only resulted in deaths and destruction of towns. Many civilian lives were lost as a result of the war. The US had little or no business interfering with foreign affairs there. After Vietnam broke free from the grip of French imperialism, the United States should not have interfered.

  • Us vs Vietnam

    It wasn't not americas fight to fight. We lost so many. We were also wanting to kill all troops and not let anyone live. We also raided villages and burn't them to ashes killing innocent people and farmers. We burnt forests down and caused cancers and other health problems.It was not our fight

  • Yes, you were wrong, America

    First and foremost, I'm a Vietnamese. My mother's family was working for the South and my father's family, in contrast, working for the North. Of course, they met after the war. My step father was also a veteran who worked for the South. But even from my mother and my step dad, they still think America was wrong. You funded a tyranical and corrupted regime. T
    From what I learned and was told, and from my perspective, you guys were dead wrong.
    He South gorvement poured most of your money into naked bars and hands out, not for the war effort.
    And moreover, because we had had bad times with the French, the Japanese and teh Chinese and you guys were just yet another invader in the Vietnamese's minds at that time.
    Having said though, you guys are welcome here nowadays. We don't hold a grudge against you guys.
    Just be mindful when travelling here though, always buy stuff that has fixed price and be warned, the thievery rate here is high

  • Yes America was wrong to fight in Vietnam

    At the end of the day the end result leaves little doubt..The North Vietnamese ended up taking Saigon and America left in a rather embarrassing manner.All this talk about the domino effect is rubbish.If that were true North Vietnam winning or America leaving (which ever you prefer) would have confirmed the very fears of the people who lied to get the U.S involved in the first place.Did not happen.The 58,000 Americans who died in that war gave up their lives for nothing.

  • This wasn't right

    America always believes they have the moral high ground in every war we put ourselves. People shot themselves in the foot(Gregg Allman) so they wouldn't have to go to Vietnam. Not every protester was a drugged-out hippie. Some protesters realized the futility of U.S Intervention. The draft and the way it was done is also stupid. The poor boys should have been sent last. Vietnam was a crock of nastiness before we even got involved. The French realilized this long before us.

  • A Bully went mad.

    Why does the US believe that it has the God given the right to murder people because of how they want to live. The Vietnam war was just the case of the US being a bully. The domino effect os irrelevant. The people of the US are free to choose what government they want, the rest of the world obeys them or they murder thousands. America doesn't protect the world, it desecrates it.

  • We killed our troops and it wasn't worth it

    I understand that we were fighting in the Vietnam war to stop the spread of communism but the truth is we really didn't win the war because of the fact that communism had spread and not just that we killed half of our troops with agent orange. So in truth we we wrong in fighting in the Vietnam war

  • This was not our fight

    The Vietnamese war was a civil war between North and South Vietnam. The issue shouldve been solved between the Vietnamese people. There was no need for the US to intervene. Even though the US feared communism, Vietnam's communism did not effect the surrounding countries. The US was just being nosy

  • This was not our fight

    Yes, I believe that American were wrong to interject ourselves into this conflict. We are not world police and should really stop acting as such. Vietnam was an un-winnable war that was raged at the wrong time. It was reckless and in the end it was not our war to fight.

  • We had to stop communism.

    No, America was not wrong to fight in Vietnam, because the Domino Theory of communism had started to take shape. America had to stop communism before it spread to even more countries. There were also atrocities that the north was perpetuating against its own people. The United States needed to step in before it got any worse.

  • No, Vietnam was not a wrong war for America to fight in.

    I do not think that America was wrong to fight in Vietnam. I think that America knew that it had to fight in Vietnam to help fight against the spread of communism as well as help prevent the genocide of a group of people. While the decision may seem to have been a wrong one today, it was still just.

  • American was in the right to fight North Vietnam, but wrong in how they conducted the war

    The decision of the U.S. to conduct Vietnam as a police action rather than making the case for war was wrong, however, the threat of militaristic communism by North Vietnam deserved a military response and the U.S. was right to fight that war. Consider the difference between North and South Korea, if the U.S. had won in Vietnam, south Vietnam might have been a prosperous country as well.

  • No, the fighting was never the problem.

    Use of physical force to accomplish the political, economic and moral goals of a nation is neither right nor wrong. The true evil of the Vietnam War was in the failure, by design and by choice, to establish clear entry and exit conditions before initiating combat. While maintaining a constant, "no end in sight" conflict was very beneficial to the economy of the United States, it accomplished very little good politically for the nation. And worse, it created a deep split in the moral fabric of the country. The warfare itself was neutral--the leadership was what made for all that was "wrong" about the Vietnam action.

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