• Macedonia is Greece the end

    Alexander the great was Greek called him self Greek and spoke written Greek and fought for Greece and Macedonia is a region in Greece so this means that Macedonia is Greece , the EU and other countries have agreed with Greece in this argument so that proves again that Macedonia is Greec

  • Macedonia is Greek

    Macedon (Ancient Macedonia) was in fact a Greek Kingdom because they spoke Greek, they participated in the Greek Olympics (Only Greeks could participate), they wrote in Ancient Greek writing, they worshiped the Greek Gods and they originated from Southern Greece near Sparta and they worshiped Hercules! They were and are Greek

  • The word Greece didn't even exist in ancient times

    Yes, ancient macedonia could be a part of hellenism, even ancient greece is not even closely the same with greece today just as every other country in this world so i dont know why these greeks think that macedonia is still greece and that we don't deserve to be called Macedonia just because the name Macedonia was greek... Or because they wrote in hellenic language, a language that was official in those times, just as the English today. Lets even state that after the first Balkan War in 1912, our territory was occupied and our people were persecuted, my grand-grand-mother was raped by the greeks soldiers and their home was destroyed when our neighbours were dividing my country between them, so if we were assholes like these bulgarians and greeks and if we start to talk the truth about our and theirs country then im sure our lovely neighbours would be more polite than they are today

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