• Australia Was Correct in Their Legalization of Medical Marijuana

    The realm of medicine and pharmaceutical companies is something that I am cautious of, simply because there is a profitable industry that is based on people being sick. While synthetic drugs can help cope with and sometimes cure illnesses, natural drugs are probably safer for your body and mind just by virtue of the fact that they are created by nature/ evolution. If a person can now choose marijuana as a possible solution to their health issues, that can only be a good thing.

  • Australia was correct in legalizing medical marijuana

    Australia was correct in legalizing medical marijuana. It would be even more correct to legalize marijuana for all people and purposes. There is no logical reason for the government restricting people from using pot. Regulate and tax is just as the government does for alcohol and do away with this faux view that pot is bad.

  • Way to go Australia!

    Why not legalize the medical use of marijuana?? There are benefits to people with debilitating diseases, so why is it not okay to use? Chemical drugs are more harmful to the human body, cause just as many (if not more) problems (think DUIs!) than marijuana... why not utilize the natural remedies this earth has to offer?

  • It has proven benefits

    I am a supporter of legalized medicinal marijuana. It has shown in many different cases to be beneficial for sufferers of many diseases. I feel the only reason so many places have NOT legalized marijuana for medical use is that there is such a stigma surrounding it. Many people still look at marijuana as some terrible drug. More education is needed for those people. Marijuana should be used when appropriate for medical use.

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