• Ruth the sultan and winner vs williams a malcontent and loser

    Babe Ruth is a legendary sports figure. His batting average equals Ted Williams and he was on multiple championship teams. Williams was a loser who was a mediocre fielder who could hit quite well. Ruth would stay for hours after a game to sign autographs while Williams displayed
    arrogance and disdain toward his fans. Ruth could pitch and hit with more power than Williams could dream.

  • Babe Ruth was a better baseball player than Ted Williams.

    Babe Ruth was a better baseball player than Ted Williams. Babe Ruth was a legend and he will always remain that way. I think he was a better baseball player overall. Ted Williams was great at baseball too. Their careers shaped the baseball game and if it were not for them baseball would not be as great.

  • Babe Ruth Was a Better Player than Ted Williams

    Yes, Babe Ruth was a better baseball player than Ted Williams. While both men certainly had the chops to be considered legends, Babe Ruth had one thing Ted Williams did not; charisma. There is more to being a great baseball player than stats. Babe Ruth had the ability to electrify a crowd and bring legitimacy to the sport in a way that no other player ever has.

  • Yes he was.

    Babe Ruth was one of the best baseball players to ever live and have the ability to play for a great team. He was so amazing at what he did people who are not even baseball fans know and love his name based on that fact alone. We do not need to see his scores to know he was great.

  • He was more complete

    Ted Williams was a better overall hitter with an eye for the strike zone that has yet to be replicated by anybody else, but Ruth was a more complete player. Often lost in the legend of Babe Ruth for passive/non baseball fans is he was not just a shot calling power hitter, he was also a very accomplished pitcher.

  • They were both legends.

    No, Babe Ruth was not a better baseball player than Ted Williams, because you cannot possibly compare two greats. That is like saying Vanderbilt was better than Carnegie, or Rockefellar. Ruth and Williams were both legends in their days, and they contributed an ongoing legacy and fan base to the sport of baseball.

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