• Germans were awesome

    Stupid question imo. Bach is not only the greatest musician to ever grace this earth, but the greatest genius also. He had the artistic beauty of Monet, the industriousness of Brunel, the diversity and creativeness of Shakespeare and shared a portal to the divine for all humanity forthwith to kneel in humility at its blessing.

  • Soli Deo Gloria

    Bach is peerless. His Mass in B-minor was not intended for fame or human ears, never performed in his lifetime he wrote it for his creator. No other composer comes close to this crowning work and this is only one composition. HIs influence on others is incomparable. "Best" is subjective but if we have to have a "best" then it has to be Bach.

  • Soli Deo Gloria

    Bach is peerless. His Mass in B-minor was not intended for fame or human ears, never performed in his lifetime he wrote it for his creator. No other composer comes close to this crowning work and this is only one composition. HIs influence on others is incomparable. "Best" is subjective but if we have to have a "best" then it has to be Bach.

  • Intellect, Beauty, and Inventiveness

    Timeless music not tied down to style, the deepest and most complex musical vocabulary, and a propensity to tie together forms to create and perfect new structures. Bach blows everyone out of the water. He's timeless. He's the father of music. And he is by far the greatest and most influential composer to have ever lived.

  • Absolutely, no contest.

    There is no disputing Bach as the greatest composer. He may not be one's favorite, but he is the greatest and this is an important distinction. When you look at entire development of western music as a whole and you look at his innovation of well-tempered tuning, and you look at how this new tuning system allowed composers to get chromatic and also develop diatonic harmony at the same time, and then you look and see that not only did Bach pioneer this, but he also perfected it. He mastered harmony, counterpoint, and experimented with chromaticism more than any composer until the Jazz age. Conduct a roman numeral analysis of some of his 4-part chorales and you will be blown away by the mathematical perfection and complexity of these pieces of music, and he was churning these out every Sunday. The mind and intellect of such a man had to be brilliant.

    This is already a strong enough case, and then you actually listen to his music and it speaks for itself. Not only is it mathematically complex and perfect, but it is also aesthetically so.

    I would recommend the following video for anyone who may still have doubts:

  • Of course he was the best

    He is nr 1 and it doesn't really matter who is 2nd etc, you can divide up the rest as you like, he is in totally different category. Some here say that Beethoven, what is so deep in his music or Mozart....? Bach's being over all the rest is really not subjective matter at all. Bach shows you the world that hasn't come yet, gives you a glimpse what could be, he is the reflection of God the rest are the reflection of Man with its imperfections. Beethoven and Mozart are just childs of their era and their music reflects that, the ideas behind their music like by the way it is the same with all other composers.

  • This test proves it

    How many composers have there been? Statistically, if they are all equal, bach would only get a fraction of a %. Here he has 33%, leaving the other thousands to fight over the remaining 2/3. Bach was and will always be the king. What he accomplished was not only the greatest feat of music, but all of mankind.

  • Yes, Bach was definitely the best composer of all time.

    No other composer had or has that absolute purity and beauty that Bach's music incorporates. Bach's simple yet powerful melodies are in my opinion unmatched by anyone else. There may be more complicated, romanticized and virtuosic pieces written by composers like Tchaikovsky and Beethoven but the heavenly sounds of Bach's music like his famous Chaconne from Partita No. 2 stand as a true tribute to the spirit of classical music at it's highest level.

  • Yeah he is

    He is perfection period. Don't listen to me, listen to the actual musicians. He's like the Old Testament of music, completely fundamental and rich musical compositions. By comparison, he is going to be ranked the best. Just look around and ask the music literate, they know who's the real man. He is co tent, value, quality, and come on quantity.

  • Bach Was Good But Possibly Not the Best

    Though Bach was an amazing composer, I wouldn't want to judge him to be the best of all time. There were many composer in the past who deserve as much recognition as he does. The appreciation of his work as well as others will continue for years to come. Let's just enjoy their work and not try to judge who was best.

  • The one, The best. . . . Was

    Mozart. . . Was. . . The. . . ONE.

    Not even close for spot #2.

    Can you even imagine producing the musical works of the sublime WAM. . . Take a listen. . . It is IMO almost unbelievable. And it seems like he even could have been sandbagging a bit. . . Not wanting to obliterate the competition, So to speak. Genius. . .

  • No, a big NO.

    He's not the greatest composer. Though his music was heavenly, Beethoven is greater than him, or any other composer. If Bach's heavenly, Beethoven's god like. I admit, I'm kinda dazzled by the prolificness of Bach, though I feel rock stone when I listen to his music. But when I listen to Beethoven, I remember all the sad, sorrow, joyful, and victorious moments of my life. Beethoven revolutionized music, increased its rank above painting, literature, and philosophy; something that bach didn't do. Even all the great composer you could think except lvb.

  • Beethoven is the best composer

    He is great


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  • Large scale structure.

    In terms of listening pleasure, I prefer Mozart partly because of the large scale structure of classical works, but Bach would have to be a close second. His output to me is more impressive than that of any other composer. It's practically inconceivable that a person could create such a high volume of high quality, highly varied works

  • People have different opinions

    Yes, Bach was a great composer; yes, his music startled lots of people; but no, his music shouldn't be considered the best by ALL. There are numerous composers out there who deserve as much recognition as Bach. Like Ludwig Van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca, or George Frederic Handel's Messiah. Everyone has different views.

  • No, music is not a black and white issue.

    Bach was a talented and respected composer. His pieces are classics in not only the music world, but society as a whole. However, it is incorrect to say that he is the best of all time. Music is too subjective and appeals to the emotions, which are not always rational. For this reason you cannot be truly objective and make an absolute such as claiming Bach was the best.

  • No, he wasn't

    The best of all time is a rather hard label to put on something. There are people with different tastes and people w have never heard Bach before. There are also hundreds of composers who have lived, are living, and will live in the future, who knows who may be the best of all time?

  • Bach was great, but “best” is in the eye and mood of the beholder.

    To some Bach may have been the best. He certainly started his life in position to become a musical prodigy. But to say he was the best composer of all time is a bit of a stretch. There are many wonderful composers in the world; each appeals to their own audience. To be the best, one would have to exceed all other composers to achieve the “best” title. How can one ignore the abilities of Carl Orff who composed the much used cantana Carmina Burana? Carl Orff may have died a penniless man before his work was accepted, but he gave his “best” in his work. To name Bach the best composer one would also have to ignore the wonderful works of Franz Joseph Haydn who is said to be the inventor of the sting quartet. What about George Frederick Handel? Handel was considered the master of the Baroque style; how could one ignore his contribution to the world of music? Lets not forget that it was Handel who dared to compose the “taboo”. Until Handel requested permission from the king to allow a piece from the bible, which had been expressly forbidden because it was secular; we would not be enjoying the Hallelujah Chorus today. How about Sergei Rachmaninov or Peter Llyich Tachaikovsky? While thinking of the greats in trying to decide who is the “best” how can one forget the symphonist of death, Gustav Mahler....there are so many greats out there. To say Bach was the best is to somehow belittle the work of all the other amazing greats.

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