Was Barack Obama making a smart decision when he didn't attend the rally in Paris?

Asked by: Jonnykelly
  • Rally was too quick

    The security measures that the ss perform, couldnt be done in the short time before the rally. Had the rally been a week later, maybe the security could have been possible. In the big picture he will frownd upon, but we cant have the leader of the free world be placed in a unsecure position

  • It wasn't smart.

    Mr. Obama has made a lot of mistakes, like any human being, but this was one of the mistake that he shouldn't have made. When Mr. Obama did not attend to the rally in Paris, it showed that the United States of America didn't care. Now France distrusts us because, they trusted us to come, but we didn't come. This showed that France needed to deal with it alone, even though France needs help, and they can't do it alone. When a crisis happens that affects the whole world, the countries need to look united and that they can rely on each other. When Mr. Obama didn't attend to the rally in Paris, it made the world look weak in a crisis. It also made America look weak.

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