Was Barack Obama the 'aggressor' in the second Presidential debate?

  • President Obama Relied on His Strength

    President Obama focused on his foreign policy experience to win the second debate. The first debate was horrible for Obama as he didn't come out aggressive enough. Instead of taking it to Mitt Romney in the first debate, Obama sat back and had a policy argument. In the second go-round, Obama relied on his foreign policy credentials as president to bolster his argument for a second term.

  • Yes Obama took it to Romney

    Mitt did not know what hit him in the second debate, he thought he had Obama down and out after the Denver show down.

    Obama prepared better and dominated the town hall format, Mitt wasn't ready for what Obama brought that night.

    The best moment was when Obama egged Romney to " go on " as he trapped himself talking about Lybia.

  • Yes Barack Obama the 'aggressor' in the second Presidential debate

    President Obama lacerated Mitt Romney Monday during their third and final debate, repeatedly painting his Republican rival as wrong, reckless and inconsistent in world affairs. Romney accused Obama of being ineffective on the global stage — but in a surprise, he soft-pedaled several of his differences with Obama and even agreed with the President on a host of policies.

  • Yes he was!

    Yes, I believe Barack Obama was very aggressive in the second Presidential debate. It seemed that he didn't reach his desired outcome in the first presidential debate and fixed that problem by being more aggressive in the second debate. It was necessary and I hope he continues to be that way.

  • He was too passive before.

    Barack Obama was too passive in the first debate, and this hurt him, so he took a more aggressive approach in the second debate. While some right-wing commentators took issue with this, of course, I personally believe that this is beneficial to his campaign. Mitt Romney needs to be countered, and being passive won't do that.

  • The second debate was the one he definitely lost.

    I don't understand this, I thought we covered this, but I guess not. Obama lost the second debate (a common belief among both sides) that was the one where Obama was just kind of off. The first and third he was much more attentive. All the same, I would say that Obama did not win any but tied with Romney on the third, and lost on the first two.

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