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  • Batman and Robin is FAR worse.

    Batman Forever is a campy movie with several flaws, the one-liners being the worst aspect of the movie. Batman and Robin, however, amplified the one-liners to disgusting degrees. Furthermore, having three villains gave the movie a lack of focus. The dialogue is too fast paced to make any coherent sense whatsoever. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ice puns are moronic. Robin's acting is disgustingly whiny. The plot holes are terrifying. And need I even mention the "Bat Credit Card"? Batman Forever has its flaws, but Batman and Robin is much worse.

  • Not at all

    This batman movie was great. Jim Carry as the Riddler is killer. Jim Carry was amazing at the role he brought the movie to life. Two Face was great in the movie to you saw how he was evil but, still had some good in him. Plus adding in the caped crusade is epic. So that is what have to say about that.

  • Batman and Robin is worse... Far worse

    Don't get me wrong, Batman Forever was the first "bad" Batman movie released, but it' sequel was infamously bad. Joel Schumacher, the director of Batman Forever, also directed Batman and Robin. Here, there's laughably bad dialog and horrendous acting from Uma Thurman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Freeze, in particular also gives so many ice puns throughout the entire movie that it makes Schwarznegger come off as a joke. Do I even need to mention things like the Bat Credit Card? Or Furthermore, the plot is not only severely underdeveloped, but all jumps all over the place. The Batman films were quite lucky to have someone like Christopher Nolan handle their direction in the mid 00s and early 10s, because Batman and Robin pretty much destroyed the series for that time.

  • This Movie was Pretty Good

    Val Kilmer was great as Batman. They also did a good job of introducing Robin and I loved Tommy Lee as Two Face. Also, Jim Carrey was good as the Riddler. If you want the worst Batman movie, look no further than Batman and Robin. That was the worst. It was just plain bad

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