• The music of Beethoven is the best evidence we have for the existence of God.

    Beethoven is not only the greatest composer who ever lived he is the greatest creative artist of all time as well. Music.Is the most spiritual and universal means of human communication .Beethoven created the most uplifting and transcendent music the world has ever known. The Missa Solemnis, the Ninth Symphony , the Emporer Cocerto and the Hammerklavier Sonata are just a few examples of his incomparable output of this supreme genius. The music of Beethoven is the summit of achievement in the history of mankind.

  • For me, the best bar none

    I am a lifelong pianist. No other music you can possibly play has the same level of emotion and soul packed into it. Bach might be complex but it feels empty to play (unless you happen to play strings, cellists particularly), Mozart is much the same in that the intensity is just not there in the same way it is with Beethoven's works. Beethoven's works build up to INCREDIBLE climaxes in almost every piece (if not all of them). There's nothing like it. Even to just listen to I don't understand how anybody could not put Ludwig Van at the top of the list, every single composition takes you on an emotional journey.

  • All the People in the 'No' Column are Idiots!

    I have been listening to Beethoven for 24 years (my whole life). My exposure to him began at birth, when I was born 12 weeks prematurely. Attached to my isolet was a little radio, and the first piece I heard was 'Fur Elise,' (not one of LvB's best works, but for a newborn, who cares!). Since then, my love for Beethoven grew. At the age of 12 I acquired my first complete set of the Nine Symphonies, and over the years built up my collection with the Piano Concertos, Sonatas, String Quartets, etc. In 2006, when a junior in high school, I gave a 75 minute speech on the life, times, and music of Beethoven from memory. No notes were needed, just my love for the man and his music. It is too bad the class hated my speech; they found it boring. I have also had a dozen surgeries over a 17 year period, and Beethoven's story stirs my soul, and has helped me recover. I celebrate Beethoven's Birthday every year.

    Another funny story occured in 2007. With all my fanaticism for Beethoven, I would play his works as I studied for tests. This annoyed the other guys on the floor, who only listened to rap, country, and other nonsense. They found me to be be "boring," because of the fact that I listened to "Beefoven" a hideous pun on their part that I later learned was slang for a disgusting sexual act. But they did not faze me, and I kept listening and loving the Master.

    It offends me that some people do not consider Beethoven to be so great. I respond like Schroeder: "What do you MEAN Beethoven wasn't so GREAT!?" When I listen to any music by any other composer (and I have heard A LOT!) be it Gregorian Chant, Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474), Dietrich Becker (c. 1623-1679), Leopold Hofmann (1738-1793), Cesar Franck (1822-1890), or Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001), I get so very BORED! Their music does not move me like Beethoven's does. Music before Beethoven was purely for entertainment; music after Beethoven was purely atonal nonsense. So it is safe to say that Beethoven is the greatest composer who ever lived. I respect J.S. Bach and Mozart, but they don't move me like LvB does!

  • Nobodies music touches me like Beethoven's.

    The answer to this question in my view is 100% yes. Can you imagine music without Beethoven's influence? I couldn't. Of course people will say, "well, someone else would have just taken his place", to which I would reply doubtful. When would someone have added voices to Symphonies? Increased the importance of woodwind? Revolutionized the string quartet? Etc. I couldn't imagine classical without Beethoven. To me he is the crown jewel, the emperor, the king.

  • His music moved my soul like no other

    Bold, inspiring, unique and awakens me to the world of classical music. Majestic and commands my attention while most other composers puts me to sleep. I love all his pieces but most of all his 5th and 4th piano concerto. His pieces are all center pieces while the pieces from Bach and Mozart are only garnishing. Beethoven is Gods supreme gift to mankind in the world of classical music. If I can only have one composer to keep and cherish for my listening pleasure. It is Beethoven without a microsecond of hesitation. No music has evoked such deep stirrings like Beethoven's music. Thank you God!

  • Hopelessly in love with the 4th and 5th Concerti

    Fiery, passionate, highs and higher still...Awakens my soul to Beethoven's genius and drew me into the world of classical music. Beethoven is God's gift to classical music. His ability to compose such gems in spite of his deafness underlies his immense talent. His music and style are unique and never boring. Bold with a huge exclamation mark. Life is so much more beautiful because Beethoven was born in Germany a few centuries ago.

  • Music is not Subjective

    When a piece of art touches the deep pure unadulterated core of your soul, and you feel that sincerely, then you are not being subjective. People who are convinced they "like" or "don't like" a piece of art, thinking it is a subjective matter, are simply saying it fits their superficial view of the world.
    Toss aside all your presumptions and listen sincerely. This is what Beethoven, and other revolutionary thinkers and philosophers, did.

  • The greatest composer.

    What is there to say about his greatness; who am I to debate or dispute his greatness? I often say that God does not exist, but he does inspire. Ludwig was inspired by the heavens and the nature took joy in his work. At times, it would bellow in anguish and despair and at times, it would rejoice the fraternity of mankind. You just have to listen to him. He wrote music to describe the world, whilst others wrote music to please the world. Ludwig was a philosopher, others were merely novelists.

  • Beethoven is the best composer and musician.

    Beethoven is the best musician and composer who ever lived. His music is so various and it makes me laugh and cry and dream and love and feel like a hero. I guess there are so many great composers such Bach, Schubert, Mozart, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Shostakovitch, Strauss, Bizet, Mendelssohn, Elgar... And I like all of them but Beethoven is my favorite, his music and character are something special. I like must of all the symphony no 7, 9, 3, 5, 6 and piano concerto 4 and 5, string quartet no 14, moonlight sonata, pathetic, tempest and fur Elise...

  • He was the most famous, so I am saying yes

    Like Mozart, Bach, and Brahms, Beethoven included his symphonies with art and zest. I enjoy all of his piano pieces. Beethoven was one of the most influential figures of music. Not to mention, he was born in my favorite country. I would have to say that Beethoven is truly great

  • Beethoven was only one step in the process.

    The title of "greatest composer of all time" should belong to either Gustav Mahler or Anton Bruckner. These two late romantics built on what Beethoven did before in a way that is clearly superior, and they should be duly recognized for their genius and dedication to their craft. Otherwise, we would unjustly put the old above the new.

  • No, music is too subjective.

    While Beethoven may be one of the most revered and prolific composers in history, music is far too varied to claim him as the best composer of all time. Music is an art, meaning that it is incredibly subjective and cannot always be dealt with in a black and white concrete scale. So, while he may be a great composer, it is too far to say the best.

  • Beethoven:Bach is not brook, he's an ocean

    Depending on your appreciation, as a very conservative classic music composer, I prefer Bach much over Beethoven. If Beethoven represents Human in music, Bach may represent nature,and universe, Mozart may represent message of god. The less human message there is in music, the more universal , and eternal respectively it is . Which is if you listen carefully, every piece of Bach reflects part of you or you life , while Beethoven's works may not be so inclusive as it was composed for a certain emotional condition that hard to be replicated.

  • Certainly one of, but not the best composer

    He certainly did compose some excellent music; symphony 3, symphony 5, symphony 9, moonlight sonata etc. (the sixth symphony is my personal favorite), but I think Mozart has the edge on him in certain places. Beethoven's first two symphonies aren't very memorable for example. Go and listen to Mozart's 41st 'Jupiter' symphony if you still need convincing.

  • Mozart . .

    Lived on planet earth.
    The Magic Flute
    "It's a mess and it makes no sense because he didn't have a proper librettist and got all wrapped up in writing Masonic propaganda."
    "Well yes, but it's still the fourth best opera ever written."
    "What are the other three?"
    "Cosi fan tutte, Nozze de Figaro and Don Giovanni."

  • SUck muy seal anus mofo

    -Barack Obama

  • Must define 'best'

    To decide who the 'best', or greatest composer of all time is, one must establish parameters. This could easily be a case of personal opinion - someone might not like a certain composer's music for the reason someone else adores it! To achieve some sort of answer, one must talk of 'greatness' in terms of a specific area - for example skill with harmony, melodic writing, counterpoint etc. Even then, someone as skilled in counterpoint as Bach may not be considered the 'greatest' composer of counterpoint, because there is still an element of subjectivity. However, in terms of technical ability, he is undoubtedly "up there". But does pure technical skill mean greatness?

  • He cannot overtake Bach or Mozart in pure genius. Naturally talented

    However Beethoven had to work much harder because he was not so naturally talented as either Bach or Mozart. Yes Beethoven did even write some 'junk', which Bach nor Mozart never did.

    However of the 3, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, it is Beethoven that has the most human or emotional message in his music and perhaps that is why we love him so much. I think the Missa Solemnis is perhaps the greatest single piece of music ever written.

  • I agree that there is no right or wrong

    It is only a matter of taste when it comes down to any type of art. Although I really like Beethoven's pieces, and although he should really be respected for his amazing work, I don't think any composer is best. The question could've been asked a bit differently for a better debate.

  • There's also Mozart and Bach!!

    While I think Beethoven is one of the greatest composers ever I cannot say he is better than either Bach or Mozart. This trio of geniuses obviously are the greatest composers of all time, they all express more than most composers. Saying Beethoven is greater than Bach and Mozart is like saying a Lamborghini is better than a Ferrari. They're both great and there isn't enough difference in quality to say that one's better than the other.

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thg says2013-07-31T05:25:44.523
Even though I believe the premise of the thread involves far too much subjectivity, I still think it's compelling, and it's fun to read all the comments.

But, FYI, for what it's worth, Beethoven believed Handel was the greatest composer ever.