• The Harry Truman of Popes

    There was a great quote about Truman along the lines of "we bought him the SOB didn't stay bought."

    I didn't think I would see a Jesuit as pope in my lifetime. And from South America. I don't think anyone appreciates the scope and degree of change that is about to happen. A closet liberation theologian Jesuit pope? Good lord (no pun intended).

    The Catholic church of 2030 is going to be a very different thing than the Catholic church of 2010. Since, in my opinion the Catholic Church of 2010 was far too similar to the Catholic church of 1610, yes, I think he's the right man for the job.

  • Because tradition matters

    Lets be honest here-- the ones most opposed to him were the ones who wanted wholesale liberal changes to the church., so they are disappointed every time a new Pope comes in and does not water down the faith with too much compromise. It is much easier to break traditions than keep them. Jesus did say narrow is the gate to Heaven. Yes there have been problems and even scandals, but these failures are of man, not of the institution. Too many critics of the church blame the system, not the individuals who misused the system. Others complain because the teaching is too hard for some of us to follow. Loving others before yourself? A preposterous notion in today's Me culture.

  • One word: humble

    Pope Benedict XVI is above all a humble man. Not only does he prefer to keep "special treatment" to a minimum, he goes out of his way to accept and care for the lives and well-being of others. When he was young, he went into a hospital to bathe and kiss the feet of the poor and the ill. Still today he does this. What a great man! He doesn't indulge in all of the papal privileges. He walks or rides the bus with the other cardinals instead of taking his own private car, he goes out of his way to comfort his people and chooses to cook and do other similar tasks himself, as opposed to having his staff do it. I'm not even Catholic and I see what a great man we have earned as pope! Argentina is proud!

  • Yes, Benedict XVI was the right man for the job.

    Yes, I think that Benedict XVI was the right man for the job as Pope, even though he did wind up retiring. I think that he did a good job of keeping the Catholic Church stable, and progressing forward the values and believes of Catholicism while he was the Pope.

  • No, I don't think so

    No, I don't really think Benedict XVI was the right successor to Bl. Pope John Paul II. I personally do not feel that Benedict XVI did a lot for the church. I feel that he made many unnecessary changes to the mass and was not very energetic. I look forward to what Pope Francis will bring in his papacy.

  • No, Francis is not the man.

    The Pope is merely a relic of bronze age mythology, of more ignorant times that should have passed, and yet still cling on in the modern world. On top of that, Pope Francis conspired with tyrants in the Argentine Falklands war. I've yet to meet an Argentinean who likes him.

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