• Benghazi was cover-up

    In my opinion when one of the most scientifically elite gonernments in the world does not have the intelligence in advance to avoid a disaster like this benghazi affair i call this a cover-up. Should we as a government be entitled to not convey what happened in a closed forum absoutely yes. I am not stating that the accounts be made public but i am saying that the parties invovled should report without fear to the president as to what happened and suffer the consequences.

  • What other explanation is there?

    From the first moment, the administration's stance on Benghazi changed rapidly. First, it was a video. Then it was a protest gotten out of hand. What next?
    Recently released State Department documents show that the Obama Administration knew exactly what was going on. There was a military team ready to go help the survivors of Benghazi. Yet they could not go because they were not given permission. After the attack, the talking points changed. The truth began to get blurrier and blurrier.
    Then came that golden line, "What difference does it make?". It makes a huge difference. Did the administration lie to us? Were they truly unaware of what happened? Are they inept? Those questions need to be answered, regardless of party affiliation.
    The administration says that whoever talks about Benghazi is turning it into a political issue. But it is not. It is an issue about the security of the United States, and issue of whether or not the government tried to cover-up the deaths of four Americans. It is about the basic principles on which America was founded. And it is about what kind of government we have when they do not lift a finger to help Americans in need.

  • Benghazi was probably a cover-up.

    During the investigation into Benghazi, a senator revealed that a handful of buildings at the embassy were being used for covert CIA operations. This suggests the the attack on Benghazi was a cover-up for something bigger, involving the Central Intelligence agency. Insurgents might have been paid to target the embassy for whatever reason, but we won't know for awhile.

  • yes it is.

    Yes the attacks were real. I don't think the attacks were necessarily planned, for there is no reason for Obama to do that during the election, but he did lie about it and tell false facts so he wouldn't look bad during the election. This idiot should be impeached. N

  • Yes, the government isn't telling us everything it knows about Benghazi.

    When the U.S. embassy at Benghazi was attacked, we were told that the terrorists were upset about and obscure YouTube video called Innocence of Muslims. It seems less than likely to me that the terrorists would even be aware of Innocence of Muslims, obscure as it was. The attack was likely part of a larger covert war that the public has yet to be made privy to.

  • Yes, Benghazi was a cover-up.

    While the attacks and deaths were very real, the interpretation of events and presentation of valuable information the government had prior to the attacks were spun to minimize the political weight of the event and what it means for foreign relations. The attack, in light of recent testimony, was clearly a pre-mediated terrorist attack on foreign American agents that was purposefully spun as the result of casual routine protests to avoid highlighting it as a terrorist attack on America.

  • What was there to coverup?

    This whole "coverup" thing was made up by the Republicans to try to create a scandal not only for the Obama Administration, but for Hillary Clinton who is a major threat to them in 2016. But the facts point out that there is no scandal and there was no coverup. The CIA disagreed with the State Department about what happened during the Benghazi attack. That's it.

    Posted by: WSB

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