• Unification and industrialization

    There is a famous saying that with Mussolini the trains ran on time. Under Italian Fascism, the nation was politically unified and there seemed to be a strong since of national pride. Additionally, Italy started to invest heavily in industrialization. Lastly, Mussolini did try to keep Italy out of World War II, but ended up joining out of fear of inviting an invasion from Nazi Germany.

  • Didn't even make the Trains Run on Time

    Mussolini was the dumbest leader in the Tripartite Pact, this much is clear. Firstly, he failed to modernize the Italian army up to modern standards (Italian artillery from WWI was commonplace in 1940.) Secondly, he bit on more than his pathetic army could chew on by invading Greece and nearly getting run out of Albania by the even weaker Greek Army. Finally, he executed his own son in law, Galeazzo Ciano, giving a good look into how ruthless he really was.

    Economically he made some okay moves, but these were largely overridden by his terrible mismanagement of the Italian military and his believing the Italian economy could actually sustain a protracted war against the Allies.

  • Good Leader, Bad guy

    In reference to the question, of course he was a good leader. Being able to harness a massive amount of support within an ideology that is now seen as pure cruelty takes a charismatic and confident leader. His unification of a divided nation emphasizes this point and although his resources may have been slightly misplaced in terms of military and economics, there is still no doubt that he was a good LEADER. *This does not try to defend his connection to the nazi regime*

  • Mussolino for the win

    Only stupid libtards say that musslino wasnot better than barack osama! He is a man of god and lisnens to every word in the bibel that we hold dear, could a leeder be better than that? I would bet a hundred dollers on my favorite man in every war, ofcorse he would win!!

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