• He was treated like a candidate

    Bernie Sanders was treated the same as many other candidates. He wasn't a favorite of the party, and they surely tried to get Clinton nominated. However, he wasn't treated badly, just that he wasn't the favorite. He put up a good fight, but in the end didn't have what it took to beat Hillary Clinton.

  • Yes it is true.

    Bernie Sanders was mistreated during the primary election. This was evidenced during the event of the primary election. It was also all over the internet. I believe this was not the right thing to do. Even if Bernie Sanders vowed not to support the democratic, she did not deserve this.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders was not given the full range of resources as Hillary Clinton

    While it is one thing for members of a party's establishment to have favorites, the treatment of Bernie Sanders by a number of Democratic officials was deplorable and betrayed the ideals of a free society. Polling data and other resources were denied to the Sanders campaign, while senior officials made no qualms about the fact that they were actively working against a Sanders candidacy.

  • He probably was

    Even assuming that Sanders was somewhat mistreated during the Democratic primaries, he still had no shot to win. I understand Bernie supporters being angry, but at the end of the day, the Dems had to try to support the most viable candidate. Even though that clearly failed, I don't blame the party for making that choice.

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