Was Bezos smart to link Amazon Fire tablets and the new Washington Post app?

  • Linking The Fire and Washington Post App Was a Smart Marketting Move.

    By linking the Washington Post's app with the Amazon Fire, Bezos is increasing the market reach of the Washington Post by magnitudes. Along with a boom in market reach, he is positioning the Washington Post to become the default news source for people using the Fire. Both an action and a result that could turn profit potential into profit yields.

  • The more links the better.

    Yes, Bezos was smart to link Amazon Fire tablets and the Washington Post app, because it is a good way for the Washington Post to reach a new audience. They are going to have to find new ways to reach people if they want to stay in business, and this is a great way to reach young people.

  • Yes, the new link between Amazon Fire Tablets and the Washington Post App will bring money and international recognition to the Washington Post

    Bezos idea to give Amazon Fire tablet owners access to the Washington Post is a deal that will prove to be a financial blessing to the Post. News outlets stay afloat with advertising dollars and the new international access to the paper will encourage more companies to advertise with the Washington Post.

  • No, Bezos was not smart to cross his two companies.

    A very valid argument about Jeff Bezos buying out the Washington Post was, how can a billionaire businessman keep the Amazon brand from besmirching the journalistic integrity of the Washington Post. He offered up the necessary assurances that there would be no drift. With this news, he broke his promises and is exposing the integrity of the Washington Post in the process.

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