• Bill Clinton was an average President

    Yes, Bill Clinton was effective in his stint as an United States president. Due to his younger age and decent looks, he was able to communicate with the younger generations as well as the minorities. If he had been able to avoid scandals he would have been an even better president.

  • Clinton was a good president

    Bill Clinton will be viewed as an effective president measured by the results of his time in office. While he made personal missteps, he oversaw a healthy and booming economy. He managed to stay out of any protracted conflicts, and even had a win in Bosnia. He had great popularity in office and was followed by two unpopular presidents. He did not get in the way or hamper progress.

  • Yes he was

    Yes, He had peace, he was the only President to bring the deficit down. Economy was doing really well we were at peace with every country. Taxes were lower and gas prices were lower also. Now that is what I call an effective President of the United States of America.

  • Bill was effective, he could have been even more effective

    The decade that Bill Clinton presided over was a good one on the whole. The economy was generally going up and the nation was at peace mostly. I don't presidents can really take blame for economic progress, though, I do think they can take the blame for economic stagnation. A lot was accomplished during the '90's. Imagine what could have been accomplished if Bill were more chaste.

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