Was Bill Clinton the best modern president (70s-now)?

Asked by: JohnSmith1
  • Bill Clinton was the best modern president for a variety of reasons

    No other modern president has balanced the budget, turning a huge deficit into a budget surplus. In contrast the last conservative to do this was Eisenhower, 60 years ago. Under Clinton unemployment fell dramatically, wages increased, and he helped male health insurance more affordable. He was very popular because he was able to compromise with conservatives and get things done. He did great things with welfare reform and most of this was with a republican congress. Many presidents can't do anything if their party doesn't have control of both parties. Imagine balancing the budget today with a split congress. HIs total jobs created during his administration was about 22 million.

  • No, he wasn't

    Clinton's presidency is extremely overrated. Clinton had to work with the Republicans, who controlled both houses of Congress - yet he gets all the credit, and them none, despite the fact the legislation is originated through Congress, not the President. Any and all attention towards the deficit was caused by Ross Perot, who made the topic a major issue. Further, much of the economic growth of the 90s was not due to Clintonian policy, was rather due to the rise of the internet and the dot-com bubble - which burst during the term of his successor. Additionally, Clintonian housing policies are directly responsible for the burst of the housing bubble, a major factor in the late 2000s recession.

    Finally, Clinton disgraced the office and his country by having numerous scandals, including an affair that he repeatedly lied to the American public and Congress about. Clinton was far from a bad President, but he was far from the best either.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Not by any means. He got lucky

    In 1980 Ronald Reagan took over a nation with a MASSIVE unemployment rate, ridiculously bad inflation and a Soviet Union with a unacceptable amount of nuclear missiles. He beat Jimmy Carter because Carter couldn't run on his record. Reagan beat Walter Mondale in '84 because he could run on his record. He lowered inflation drastically, created new jobs (that weren't useless government jobs) and began to disarm the Soviet Union. He beat Mondale in every state except Minnesota. Bill Clinton took over a nation that was in good shape because of Reagan.

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JohnSmith1 says2013-05-22T23:57:28.993
Sorry he did a lot more but i accidentally submitted. Crime for example plummeted as he hired thousands more cops on the streets.
Bullish says2013-05-23T00:13:21.397
"I did not have..." I can't believe he didn't get impeached or resigned. But he was a good president result-wise.
JohnSmith1 says2013-05-23T00:28:15.053
It was not an impeachable offense, certainly a mistake and a terrible one but not worthy of an impeachment. As a president their were few better, personally i think it was shady cause republican leader gingrich was screwing around as he tried to impeach clinton while he was doing the same thing, :) irony in politics ahh
JohnSmith1 says2013-05-23T00:37:35.610
Espicially he looks better after the two who came after