• A consensual affair is not an impeachable offense

    Did Bill Clinton force himself on Lewinsky? No. Did she willingly participate in the affair, yes. While I don't condone his behavior, the lengths the Republican party went to both in terms of money and with impeachment proceedings to find out Bill enjoyed the occasional blow job is beyond me. I woudn't put this on the same level as you know colluding with Russians, Watergate, eroding our institutions, weakening our alliances or any sort of Treason.

  • Come on guys

    The only reason Hillary cares is because of power and prestige. It's written all over her. The elite are not like normal white picket fence people. They just aren't. And the media feeds off of the private life of high profile people like a parasite so that judgmental, sheltered, suburbanites can vicariously stew over things that are really the least of our concern when it comes to corruption among the top tier. The only thing people find terrible about this incident is that it was leaked to the public .

    I have no doubt much worse intrigue has transpired and faded into thin air. The Du Pont's being a recent example. A disgusting and abusive incident nobody cares about because the press told them not to care. And what about Sarkozy and Hollande in France? It is hypocrisy and political point scoring based on trying to sell a fake image of a morally upright ruling class to culturally isolated moralists who seem very quiet about much worse scandals before and since.

  • Republicans attempted a coup.

    So if I understand this correctly, the President lied about receiving oral sex from Monica Lewinsky. The Republicans in Congress, who apparently ascended to sainthood before holding impeachment hearings, thought this was the worst thing in the world. Because we all know that not a single member of Congress has ever lied about anything, especially an affair. Except, you know, for all the ones who did.

  • Yes, in the sense of impeachment.

    In terms of human relations, while I like Bill Clinton, I do think that we needed to know that he was preying on a young female intern while he was president. But the impeachment process was unnecessary as he was one of the best presidents we have had and Republicans just wanted him out.

  • Bill Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky was not blown way out of proportion.

    Bill Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky was not blown way out of proportion. The scandal was given the appropriate response if not a lenient response, considering the fact that Bill Clinton lied under oath during the scandal. His act of lying to the American people while under oath was grounds for impeachment. Clinton is lucky he did not lose his office over that scandal.

  • No, a Presidential affair should be known because he is serving and representing our nation in the highest office

    The Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal was not blown out of proportion because the President serves on the highest stage of the world. Anything he does for a minimum of four years is constantly criticized and hen he accepts the office, he should know this. Therefore, I believe that the scandal was not blown out of proportion and got the attention it deserved.

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