• Comedian One of the Highly-Regarded Hosts

    Billy Crystal was one of the most prominent hosts in Oscar history. As such, he is probably the best host ever. He was always funny, and when Crystal wasn't funny it was because of poor jokes and bad writing. Other hosts like Steve Martin and Ellen DeGeneres are also funny, but Crystal is the best so far.

  • He was the funniest

    Billy Crystal was pretty much the only reason to watch the Academy Awards. That was with the exception of an occasional great speech by an award winner. Those were few and far in between though. To be fair, all award shows are to long and boring. Billy Crystal at least gave people a reason to watch the Academy Awards.

  • He is hilarious

    Billy Crystal is just an amazing human and fun on top of that. He had excellent poise during the Academy Awards his delivery was dead on and he has the body of work to back up his experience. He is a legend of Saturday Night Live. There is literally no argument to this question it is infallibly yes.

  • No, Billy Crystal was not the best Oscar host.

    I do not agree with the claim that Billy Crystal was the best Academy Awards host ever. I think that while he was one of the best, he wasn't the best. I think that there have been better Academy Awards hosts. I do think that Billy Crystal does a great job at it.

  • I Prefer Variety

    I believe Billy Crystal was a very good host for the Academy Awards, but I don't think it is fair to say that he is the best. I personally like to see award shows pick a different host each year. I think this makes the shows more interesting from year to year.

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