Was Bin Laden really found and killed on May 2, 2011?

  • If he wasn't, then where is he?

    If Bin Laden was still around, trust me, we would know! In this day and age I know when my neighbor buys cat food and what brand... via social media. So if there was even a shadow of a doubt he was not dead someone would know and tell everyone! There are so many speculations because of how secretive the mission and aftermath was. But what other way should it have been? The last thing America needed was to flaunt and gloat, that would have only inflamed matters. We had been after him for years, we found him and quietly and quickly justice was served.

  • Yes, there's no reason to think that he wasn't.

    I think that Osama Bin Laden was indeed found and killed on May 2nd, 2011. While I would have preferred the US government to release the photographs of his body, I can see why they chose not to, for fear of igniting conflict in Muslim regions. Proof would have been nice though.

  • Yes, Bin Laden was really found and killed on May 2, 2011.

    Yes, I believe that Bin Laden was really found and killed on May 2, 2011. Though there are many conspiracy theories that, because we (the citizens of the US) were never shown pictures of Bin Laden after he was killed, that he is really not dead. These conspiracies are fallacious and don't consider the actions we needed to take for our country's safety. The only reason Bin Laden was buried at sea was in order to not offend the Muslim population that supported him, in case they decided to strike back against us. Also, if we brought the body back to the US, we would be under a much larger threat from terrorists who may have decided to reclaim the body.

  • I believe he was.

    It is really hard to know if he was killed without seeing a body. We can trust in the government and television, or we can request more proof from them. I want to believe he is dead, but if he is somewhere else there may still be terrorist activity from the Middle East!

  • If he was killed in 2011, it was his second life....And I believe in Global Warming.

    UBL died of natural causes Dec/2001. It was convenient to keep him "alive" to make hay with programs and deployments in the growing, ongoing black hole known as the "global war on terror." No bin Laden.....No purse strings. 2011 was a body double. When alive, bin Laden had many doubles for security purposes. Of course any subtle differences could be erased with a couple of face shots at close range.

  • No Osama Bin Laden was killed in December 2001 due to hepatitis C and kidney failure.

    He was suffering from these illness's for years but like everyone else, he passed away. America chooses to believe Bin Laden was killed by the US Navy Seals as they believe Bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attack when in fact it was a inside conspiracy planned and performed by the American government themselves. Obama indoctrinated the minds of the American people and made them believe that Osama was wrong for killing many of their friends and family members just because he was a leading terrorist. This was an act performed by Obama to gain more supporters and to win the elections again as he knew by killing a hated, Muslim terrorist would make him seem like the ideal leader.

    The American government refused to release any images of Osama's corpse and instead claimed that they threw his body into the sea so the ocean could have what was left of him. This was an excuse to cover up their lies as they knew by saying this, there would be no way to get any evidence of his death which indicates to me that Osama was killed in 2001 by his own fate instead of Obama's lies to win the election. They also claimed to find him in Pakistan which is another widely hated country in many people's minds due to people thinking that Pakistan is a country of Islamic terrorist which is not true and just a stereotype but Obama used this to his own advantage as nobody was prepared to believe Pakistan, a country Osama had links with in the past.
    Osama bin Laden was not killed by the US Navy Seals but was instead killed by his illnesses that God had control of but unfortunately the poor, indoctrinated minds of many Americans refuse to believe the truth.

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