• Yes he is

    Yes he makes that work because he is greedy and does not know any real talent all he does is sit around all day doing nothing but collecting more money he does not care about his fans all he cares about is fame and nothing else other than himself he does not care about anything

  • Hey there hey

    He was really caring to his fans and did not just do it for the money. He loved what he did and he inspired so many people. He shoud get a award not this critisism. He was a wonderful human being that needs to get noticed. Thank you for listening.

  • Bob Ross had obvious talent

    Regarding his talent Bob Ross was a very talented individual that put himself out there to be judged by the public. Viewers could see that he was doing the work and that he loved it and most of his personal income came from private ventures. Those that feel he was a fraud have no real basis.

  • No, Bob Ross was not a fraud.

    No, there is no reason to think that Bob Ross was a fraud. While he was a very private person, he legitimately built his career with painting beginning at a young age. He later caught the attention of PBS and started his show, which became a hit with viewers across the country.

  • He was who he said he was

    Bob Ross never claimed to be a a Renaissance master, just a guy that painted and instructed others to paint. His work was consistent, steady and benign. He never said he was teaching his PBS audiences that he would make them masters of paint, just that it was possible to create pleasant, complete works at home.

  • He was great!

    Bob Ross was great at what he did. It was so calming and relaxing to watch him paint, and sometimes even fun to listen to what he had to say while he was painting. I wouldn't ever want to think of someone as popular and well-known and well-liked as him as a fraud.

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