• Yes, He still is.

    Boris Nikolayevich was not perfect (remember Ichkerian war or Putin as a successor), But he is still the best. He gave the freedom to us, Russians, And other people of former Soviet Union. We still remember him as a wise leader of Russia, The leader that we deserve. And we hope that one day his reincarnation will become the head of our country.

  • Yes, Yeltsin was

    Boris Yeltsin was a brilliant human being and an even better leader. The way he cared for his people's well-being was and is still unparalleled compared to many of the world leaders past and present. He was iconic because he was so good at what he did. We need more like him.

  • Yes, he probably was.

    I really don't know every leader in the history of Russia, but I do believe that Boris Yeltsin was probably the best (or one of the best) Russian leaders of all time. He is way better than Putin, and certainly better than Stalin. Catharine the Great was pretty good too though!

  • Hard to tell

    Its really hard to tell about the leaders of the Russian Republic; there haven't been many Presidents of Russia since the Soviet Union fell, and there are too many confounding variables to deal with. Russian presidents have approval ratings related to oil prices, so Yeltsin's time in office with low oil prices make things look negative.

  • Yeltsin was great, but Putin has a great publicist.

    Boris Yeltsin accomplished many great things during his term as the leader of Russia. However, he also had many things happen during that time that can be construed as failures. Vladimir Putin is who I would nominate as the best Russian leader. This may be due to the fact that what little I have heard about him being negative, was really just him being a dickhead in the name of something he believes in. He is not a politician. He is a shark, and everyone knows it. The Russians are fortunate that he is happy with the power he has.

  • I don't think so.

    I would say that Gorbachev was the best Russian leader of all time. He even won a Nobel Prize. I don't have anything really against Boris Yeltsin, but I think that Gorbachev was a better leader both when it came to foreign issues and domestic ones. Gorbachev was the better leader.

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