• One more reason I hate Lutheranism

    This Lutheran was a major segregationist. He was a Republican from Virginia (which I why I indicated it so people who didn't know him would find out who he was). Not that that mattered. He was a racist slimeball. Evil. God forgive me, but sometimes I think it was good that he suffered as a POW in WWII. I think the Nazis should have just effed him up. Anyways, yes he was an evil piece of crap. One of the many who would steal from Native Americans.

  • What is Evil?

    Define evil? Just because he was a segregationist does not mean he was thus inherently evil. You may seem him as evil, but he saw his actions as right. Evil is a moral term that changes depending on the person. Keep in mind that in his time, segregation, especially in the south, was NOT looked down upon. Some saw it as a move to communism, and saw that as evil. Of course today we know better, but still, evil is hard to define, and to say hes evil is very, very extreme just because you disagree with him.

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