• Studied human minds

    Yes, Bruno was a savant, because he spent his entire life studying the human mind and human personalities, just so he could help figure out the human brain. With his studies he made the world a better place, by increasing our knowledge of how we think, so we can better our lives.

  • He was the top of his field.

    Yes, Bruno Bettelheim was really a savant, because he improved the field of psychology. Anyone who is the best in the world at what they do can be called a savant, and that is what Bettelheim was to the field of psychology. He lent himself to Freud's theories, and contributed a great deal to modern psychology.

  • Bruno Bettelheim was many things but......

    To say Bruno Bettleheim was a savant depends on two things. First, you must analyze and define specific characteristics that define a Savant. Currently, these features vary from one analytical perspective to another. If your definition of a savant includes an inability to function in a social setting effectively, then yes. it very well may be that Dr. Bettleheim may have been a Savant. However, if you include other factors that he may not have shared, then he may not be defined as such. The trouble with any diagnosis is finding people who support your theory. In the end, a diagnosis is just that; A theory.

  • Some Modern Research Suggests He Is

    Although one modern researcher suggests Bruno Bettelheim was a "psychotic savant," most people believe he was an advocate for emotionally disturbed children. Bettelheim's work with abnormal psychology in children was seen as groundbreaking in its day when he was a professor at the University of Chicago until he retired in 1973.

  • No, Bruno Bettelheim was not really a savant.

    No, I do not believe Bruno Bettelheim was a savant. I believe he was somewhat of a charlatan. I have read articles stating that many of his papers and claims were false, and that his degree was really a degree in Art. This makes me think that he may have been a shrewd businessman who was not quite honest and up front.

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