• Yes, stats suggest Buddy Ryan's defense was the best of all time.

    Looking at statistics from Buddy Ryan's various defenses reveal his defense was the best of all time. Some seasons he had the best defense in every single category. Therefore, if you dominate every aspect of the defensive side it should be know you had the best defense of all time.

  • Yes, data suggests Buddy Ryan's defense was the best of all time

    While I personally don't know too much about Buddy Ryan, data suggests he does have the best defense of all time. His defensive experience with the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Oilers, and Arizona Cardinals also supports the opinion. He was an assistant to three different teams that made it to the Super Bowl.

  • Yes, Buddy Ryan's defense is stuff of legend

    Buddy Ryan's defense is still spoken of years later. People who are not even sport's fans have heard of Buddy Ryan because of how legendary he was. He won the Chicago Bears the Super Bowl (the only time in their history) and his 46 defense will be a major part of the NFL forever.

  • Buddy Ryan, a polarizing character in love with trash-talking and himself, was one of the greatest defensive coaches of all time

    It was the ride of a lifetime for Buddy Ryan, the trash-talkingest most irreverent coaching genius the NFL has ever seen.

    He accepted the lift up on the shoulders of Richard Dent and Otis Wilson after the Bears crushed the Patriots 46-10 in Super Bowl XX and is still the only assistant coach carried off the field following the Super Bowl.

    That’s how much his players loved him. That’s how important he was.

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