• Yes, at the time it was

    I think it had its time and place, I don't think its a good thing now. I think any military spending is wasteful at this point. I think the less we spend the better,but that's for the next president to decide. I am all for cut backs and I am Republican.

  • Would WWIII have been preferable?

    George W. Bush's preemptive war doctrine posed a question that many struggle with: could Hitler have been stopped earlier and millions of lives saved? The answer is clearly yes, and Saddam Huissain was endeavoring to become the next Hitler in his time with no sign of abatement. Democracies need to recognize that stopping totalitarians early is preferable to stopping them later on.

  • Preemptive War Causes More Violence

    So. From the Just War doctrine we find that preemptive war is just if a territoriality feels threatened. Well, the build up of any arms or strategic moves is threatening, so logically we should attack any and everyone once we are threatened. What a great world that would be, a world in which attacks can come from all sides.

  • Why start a war?

    George W. Bush announced a policy that the nominally liberal Obama administration has continued to carry out wherein any country that shows an apparent threat without taking any actual action against the United States or its allies be attacked preemptively, which has only gone on to cause discontent in the Middle Eastern region and have made the United States the new face of world imperialism.

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