• Heading Up America

    The president has a lot on his shoulders, and that can be easily seen by the aging process of most presidents. To me, if one does not get impeached and does not devastatingly destroy the country, he was a great president. I feel that it is a hard job even for just four years, and whoever is willing to take the task at hand has a long four years ahead.

  • Calvin Coolidge was a great U.S. president, who turned an unfortunate situation into a productive one.

    When Calvin Coolidge took over the Presidency following President Warren G. Harding's death, it was not the ideal way for him to take office. However, he was able to restore a lot of the American people's faith in the White House after President Harding's various scandals. He was a "working class" President, and a "people's president", which American Society desperately needed at the time.

  • He led us in good times

    Yes, Calvin Coolidge was a great U.S. President, because he did a lot to keep the economy free and help the U.S. prosper. Arguably, Coolidge's administration was not the most moral era for the United States, but the economy was in great shape. Coolidge also led us in times of peace, which is something he deserves credit for.

  • Calvin Coolidge was Terrible

    Calvin Coolidge set up many of the problems that would haunt the USA during the Great Depression. He oversaw a corrupt government and did not do very much while he was president. His government was wracked by scandal and the power of the executive decreased. Calvin Coolidge did nothing to help America.

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