• Celine's emotional tribute

    Celine Dion's tribute to Rene Angelil, her late husband, was definitely an emotional moment. This was especially poignant because it was the first time Celine took the stage since his death and the fact that she so visibly and openly broke down in front of so many people was very emotional.

  • Yes, Celine Dion was emotional about her husband's death

    Considering that Celine Dion met her husband when she was 14, I feel that she has had her best friend at her side since then. It must feel like a part of her is missing now and her performance not only did reflect that, it should reflect that. The woman is grieving. She is an entertainer, this is how she shows her grief to us.

  • Yes, Celine Dion's tribute to Rene Angelil was very emotional.

    Yes, Celine Dion's tribute to Rene Angelil was emotional. The performance was her first since the death of her husband Rene. During the performance, she held back tears and received a standing ovation from the crowd. After the emotional performance, Celine Dion talked about the importance of her husband in her life.

  • Yes it was emotional

    Celine Dion performed on stage. There was video tribute to her husband played for the crowd, who cheered and applauded loudly when footage from the couple's wedding were shown. Celine couldn't help but tear up during "All by Myself.", and took a few minutes to gather herself before finishing the song.It was indeed very emotional

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