Was CERN's Hadron Large Collider, which discovered the Higgs boson, worth the time and money spent on it?

  • Yes it is worth

    That money isn’t only being spent on finding the Higgs boson alone. There are a number of different experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider, which include the discovery of other subatomic particles, as well as experiments geared towards studying the still unknown territories of physics, such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Finding the Higgs boson will not only unveil more of the mysteries of the universe, but also enrich our technological capabilities

  • Moving Society Foward

    In today's age, we no longer are working fields, struggling to survive. We have developed advanced technology for our luxury. We are able to invest in science, art, and more technology. And as such, we should be investing time and money into advancing our understanding of the universe around us. It is a necessity that we have the luxury to fund.

  • CERN budget justified

    It has been widely proven throughout our history that large amounts of money spent on big scale scientific projects such as CERN's large hadron collider tend to repay their investment tenfold. Investment into seemingly very specific spare equipment for NASA, for examplel, has since filtered down into countless household products and technologies.

  • No Price Limit on Enlightenment

    Scientific discovery is one of the most important human endeavors. There can be no price limit to scientific breakthroughs. Often, the full impact and benefit of such discoveries isn't realized for decades. If JFK can convince a nation of the importance of sending a man to the moon, that same spirit should be followed always.

  • It will be one day, but not right now

    Alright look, the Hadron Collider has yielded really neat scientific discoveries and is the Holy Grail tool for physicists, I wont deny that. But until this machine actually yields revelations that translate into real world use (teleportation maybe?) then its just a really interesting science project. I look forward to all the cool sh** that the Hadron Collider leads to with its discoveries, but until that day comes, the Collider itself technically isnt worth the amount of money that was sunk into it since it hasnt yielded any discoveries applicable for real-world use

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