• Of course he was.

    Chandler was the best. He knew he had flaws and addressed them. He is the glue that holds them together. He would have done anything for his friends. He was the most responsible. He had his life together with his job while everyone else was still figuring everything out at like 30. His sarcasm was hilarious. He was no doubt the best.

  • Lord of sarcasam

    Chandler bing was the character who could never be assumed for what next word he will gonna release from his sarcastic mouth, If it weren't for him I don't think this show would be this popular, I highly doubt that those people who understand sarcasm very well would like any other character than Chandler in the show.

  • The most relatable character

    He was the best because he was funny, genuin and kind. He was a true friend to Joey. He was also really charming. The most important thing is that a lots of people would probably see themselves in chandler. His way to be nervous and his bad luck with the ladies is something i think many guys recognise themselves in. Also his fear of ending up alone is relatable, but his life works out and he is starts to calm down and be happy with himself when he get together with Monica.

  • Chandler is so much fun

    His jokes are funny than other characters .He is never as annoying as others .And he minds his own business .For other characters, phoebe mostly lies for her selfish reasons .Monica is too bossy.Ross is not at all funny and joey character improves episode by episodes .Rachel is also too pushover especially when she doesn't scraps phoebe stupid ideas

  • Chandler Bing !!!

    Yes, because he is the one who has lot of non regular jokes. Some of his jokes are very intense too. He need no situation to crack a joke,he is capable to do it anytime. His body gestures and dance also adds to the character. Chandler Bing!! He make jokes when he is uncomfortable

  • He is the best.

    I saw him in the 1st episode and i became die hard fan of him...His sense of humour, timing of comedy is awewome...And he is earning toobwell, lol. As roommate he and joey are the best. And his mom is also hot but his choice is very bad, Janice. Haha.

  • I think Chandler was the best character amongst all the 'FRIENDS'.

    I loved the way he treated Monica. I don't think anyone else could have handled Monica as beautifully as Chandler did. Also..He was great to Joey. He helped him financially and always supported his career. And yeah, I loved how awkward he was around girls. He was also the most forgiving.

  • Chandler is Best

    Chandler is not just the best character on Friends, he is in fact one of the best characters TV has ever produced. He is super funny, he is smart, he is loving and once he actually falls in love, he is so committed. He is a damn good husband. Also the fact that he is a little awkward girls makes him even more endearing!! And yes, he is such a good friend!!

  • Obviously, Chandler is the best!

    He is the funniest character and he is damn sarcastic. Everyone has their flaws but Chandler has none. He was commitment phobic, yeah, but he was the most committed when he started dating Monica. None of the other couples on Friends had what Monica and Chandler had. And Chandler is not just a good boyfriend and husband, he is the best friend. Chandler and Joey were the best duo on Friends and Chandler was like a parent to Joey. No explanations needed. While Joey was the second best character, he is obviously not someone you want to marry. Monica is wise and caring but she can be really obsessive. Rachel was really selfish and mean sometimes. Ross can be a big idiot and Phoebe was rude sometimes and considered herself to be really talented when she...Wasn't. Chandler was perfect. Just perfect.

  • The best character ever

    Chandler is the best and phoebe is the worst. Chandler jokes make sense and make people laugh. He's the most fun to watch character ever! Other characters were not bad as well but phoebe is a nonsense and time waster. Chandler jokes keep poking in your head and makes you smile

  • Chandler Is Not The Best

    Chandler was not the best character on Friends. If I'm being honest here, he was one of the least likable characters on the show. I always preferred Ross and Joey over him. He just seemed like a prick to me. There's a reason Joey got a spinoff and Chandler didn't.

  • No, all the characters on "Friends" were equally annoying

    Chandler was not the best character on "Friends," not because of a lack of character development, or bad acting, but because all the characters on "Friends" were kind of annoying. The show seemed to be like an updated version of a hit seventies show which also had roommates, only "Friends" had more friends/characters and was not quite as funny.

  • No not Chandler

    It's joey... Of course, chandler was funny, but obvious not the best. When it comes to friendship he comes nowhere near joey. He was a good friend when he took take of joey and tries to lend him money which he never accepted. But more than that there was no much friendship in him.

  • Not really no.

    Joey is and always will be the better of the group because he is dank. I also need to fill out the rest of this form in order to post but that's ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok with me

  • He was just supportive !

    The most entertaining character goes to joey, chandler just supports people and he never comes out with his set of humour....Whereas joey, he just has it naturally.....Just go check the amount of joeys funny moments in YouTube ...Enough said...U can never compare it with chandler ! Joey is the best

  • He was good but over-rated

    Chandler was a really good character but I felt Ross was better. Schwimmer is an acting genius and Ross' story lines were more interesting. Also he got a bit repetitive. After dating Monica he still talked a lot about his previous non existent dating life and I thought maybe it would have been better if he didn't change completely, but have more variety joke-wise.

  • Actually quite annoying really

    I didn't find Chandler funny at all, but I did find him really annoying, he just tried far too hard to make people laugh with jokes that were far from funny. He became even less funny after dating Monica. The other guys were funnier as they used their facial expressions and reactions to situations to induce laughter, rather than just telling pathetic jokes and just being really sarcastic.

  • I don't understand the following.

    I don't really understand the huge following Chandler had. Sure, there's something to be said about the fact that he was one of the smarter characters, and he's certainly not the worst character, but he seems pretty middle of the road. He wasn't particularly funny, and his story arcs were often the least eventful.

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